Pastel Panorama

By Sharon Mosley

March 14, 2012 2 min read

It's a candy store out there this spring. Take your pick of fashion confections, all in a handful of Jordan almond colors -- minty greens, creamy caramels, pearly pinks and lovely lilacs -- all delicious hues that will make your mouth water.

The ladylike silhouettes this spring hark back to the '50s and '60s, when Easter-like pastel colors were not only favorites of suburban housewives, but the passion of Hollywood starlets with a little Hitchcock thrown in for drama.

Then there's also the return of Christian Dior's hourglass "New Look," with the fashion focus on the waist. One of this season's newest trends -- the peplum -- is a flirty way to show off your curves.

This retro look of the cinched-in waist and fuller skirt is a feminine favorite. Offer them to women in pretty, powdery pastels, and they're a big hit again. Don't be surprised if you see pink-and-white-checked suits showing up at the office this spring, complete with boxy top-handle handbags in icy green.

Accessories are a great way to add just a touch of the sweet stuff to your wardrobe. Try a squeeze of lemon in a handbag or a minty green pair of pumps. Even hair is getting edgy with these frosty colors -- a la Katy Perry in pink curls. Or how about a few lavender highlights for your tresses? Or aqua blue? How's that for coordinating your hair with your outfit?

This spring, you'll even find plenty of powdery colors to dress up your electronic gadgets -- from headphones to iPhone and iPad cases.

Pastels may indeed be the new neutrals to update your wardrobe this spring. Just remember to keep things from getting too sweet by pairing pastels with edgier accessories in metallics and leather. Black is also another way to ground the softer colors.

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