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By Sharon Mosley

March 5, 2010 4 min read

You may not be into clogs and crochet like Karl Lagerfeld, king of design at Chanel, but you still can pick up a few things around fashion's favorite hoedown scene this spring by checking out all the spring collections. From "Avatar"-esque reptilian prints to colorful Kabuki makeup to "Alice in Wonderland" whimsy, there are plenty of ways to give your wardrobe some much-needed magic this spring.

Translated into down-to-earth wearability, here are the top trends to watch:

*Shorts are the new skirt for spring. But before you think you've got to wiggle into hot pants, think again. Yes, there's lots of the really short stuff out there, but there are also plenty of more modest alternatives -- loose tap pants and longer, knee-length shorts in soft, very wearable silhouettes.

*Print it! One piece is all it takes to make news in your closet. A chic reptile-print blouse, a watercolor floral-print dress, a geometric-print jacket -- they're all winners on this spring's fashion top 10 list. Try shorts or cropped pants in a painterly print for a fresh spring look.

*Lingerie-inspired luxe. We all know we secretly want to wear our pajamas all day long, so why not indulge ourselves a little? This spring, you'll find that you can add some comfort and romance to your basics with silky tap pants, lacy T-shirts, flowing drawstring pajama pants and fitted corsets. Think cutouts, peekaboo slits, ruffles and plenty of soft draping cascades.

*Distressed denim. It's time to loosen up, and that goes for your tried-and-true bluejeans, too. Not into the latest looks of patched and ripped denim duds? Then go for dip-dyed or heathered versions of your favorite jeans and jackets -- all with a touch of bohemian flair. Or stick to classics, such as the chambray shirtdress in indigo denim.

*Bodacious bodies. Romper room is here again. We're talking jumpsuits, bodysuits, leotards and, yes, rompers -- maybe just the kind you need to do the square dance around the hay bales at a Chanel fashion show! Just what you need to go with all the hair bows out there this spring!

*Sporty classics. On the flip side of those bodacious babes is the sportswear inspired by Kim Basinger's "I Dreamed of Africa" British gear and the languishing looks of the tennis dresses of the 1920s. The preppy whites were a big hit on the runways at Herm?s this spring, complete with huge Birkin handbags for hauling around your tennis racket!

*Military might. Always fashion favorites, military-inspired jackets and cargo pants are marching out in full force. So don't forget to sign up for those khaki classics. Check out Gap for a major frontal attack of military might this spring.

*Futuristic fun. A little bit of this fashion trend can go to either extreme -- from high-tech minimalist separates in structured organic shapes to bold, colorful eye shadows and dark sparkly nail polishes. The clear, transparent Lucite trend is another wave of the spring future for shoes. And don't forget your clogs on steroids!

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