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By Amy Winter

March 7, 2008 5 min read


Fitness apparel that shows off all your hard work

By Amy Winter

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Baggy T-shirts and sweat pants are no longer considered proper workout attire. Styles in exercise clothing follow fashion trends. Dee Burton, founder of Deezfit, says high fashion equals high function.

"When you look good, you feel good," says Burton. "If you feel good, you are going to get a better workout."

Choose the right garment. Burton, who has been running Deezfit for a year and a half, estimates that about 75 percent of people wear inappropriate clothing to the gym. Women usually pick exercise outfits that are too big and not supportive; loose-fitting clothes aren't flattering.

Pick what types of pants fit your exercises as well as your body style. Burton says Bermuda pants, short pants cut above the knee, are popular among women. Myrna Sandnes, owner of Sofine Fashions, says women like capri pants, which fall below the knee, for workouts. Longer pant styles include flare and boot leg (also known as yoga pants). Cotton form-fitting shorts are ideal for yoga and Pilates. Not only are these shorts flattering, but also are comfortable and soft, according to Francine Urzo, chief executive officer of Physique Bodyware. Physique Bodyware also offers sleeveless camisole tops, sport bra tops and Ts that show off your toned body.

Multi-tasker tops provide lift, support and comfort, according to Jordan Veatch-Goffi, founder of Doce Vida Fitness. If it is a little chilly, wear a jacket or hoodie over your top. Layering is a popular trend, according to Burton.

Men prefer baggier shorts and bigger shirts for a looser fit. Veatch-Goffi says men usually wear basketball-style shorts with a muscle tank or T-shirt. Physique Bodyware offers pant styles such as camouflage or racer stripes. Available shorts include hot shorts, lace-up flex shorts or gym shorts. Urzo says Y-back stringer tanks and zipper slinky muscle shirts are trendy for men.

"Our clothing covers the average person from beginners to professional body builders," says Urzo. "They show off physique."

The iPod craze has moved into the exercise-clothing world. Urzo and her company will be releasing the "I-pocket" soon. Three clothing items will have a left-side pocket for keeping cell phones or iPods when riding a bike or running on a treadmill. Velcro on the inside of the pocket will hold the iPod or other device in place. Hip-hop trends are also being seen in the fitness environment. Fitted tops and baggy pants serve as a common exercise outfit.

Recent workout clothes consist of quality materials that stretch to fit the body and absorb moisture. Physique Bodyware has a blend of poly and nylon known as scuba in a lot of their apparel. This microfiber performance material keeps you dry and cool while working out, according to Urzo. Sofine Fashions' garments are made from a stretchy, water-resistant material found in some swimsuits. Doce Vida Fitness uses technical fabrics that reduce muscle vibration and fatigue, move with your body and make the body appear slimmer.

"Our high-quality material is durable, fast drying and resistant to abrasions," says Burton. "It has stretch and bounces back."

Pick a color that goes along with your personality or the current season. Mix and match to find the perfect combination that fits you. With spring, women tend to choose bright colors (lime green or pink) and pastels such as baby blue or yellow. Browns, greens and burgundy are common colors for cooler seasons, according to Burton. Men usually prefer dark pants (gray or black); however, surprisingly, some favor brighter tops such as orange. Sandnes feels there is a connection between you and your color clothing; she tends to choose bright and energetic colors.

Find clothes that show off the body you have been working so hard to keep in shape.

"When you feel good you have confidence in your body," says Veatch-Goffi. "Looking good is motivation in itself to maximize workouts."

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