Jean Therapy

By Sharon Mosley

March 4, 2011 3 min read

Finding that perfect pair of jeans is the goal of most women who have come to depend on this staple in their wardrobes. Legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland called jeans "the most beautiful things since the gondola." But this spring, fashion designers have sailed away with denim, taking it to new levels. Now you can get that jean therapy you so desperately need for a new season with these fresh twists on denim classics:

--Cropped jeans. Spring and summer is the perfect time to hike up those denim blues and go the shorter route. These ankle-length jeans are a great alternative to shorts. They are nice enough to dress up with jackets and chunky platforms but still casual enough to wear with flat sandals and tank tops.

--High-waist trousers. If you're able to wear jeans to work, then these are the new ones for you to buy. These classics are more tailored and polished. Team them with shirts that are tucked in and cinched with narrow belts. Watch the proportion; higher heels are usually more flattering with these pants.

--Flared jeans. Hark back to the '70s and channel your inner hippie with these bell-bottoms-esque jeans. Pair with peasant tops for even more of a retro effect.

--Bleached out. It's a return to the acid age. Sometimes the more distressed our jeans look the better. And hey, this is something you can do at home with your old jeans. Just toss them into the washing machine with a little bleach and you've got the new punk-inspired look touted by even the most exclusive fashion designers.

--Skinny jeans. Yes, the slim and trim look is still around, even though we've been tucking them into our boots for years. This spring, top off the narrow jeans with long, loose tops. Then finish off the look with strappy sandals or ballet flats.

--Candy-colored denim. White jeans have become a "go-with-everything" staple in our warm-weather wardrobes. But this coming season, the freshest "colored denim" is all about "candy colors." Pinks and coral are the most popular shades of the "new blues."

--Long skirts. No, not your "Little House on the Prairie" look, but longer denim skirts definitely are making a comeback. When designer Stella McCartney sends the longer lengths down the runway, you know you've got a major fashion trend.

--Tunic tops and dresses. This is one of the best ways to get your denim fix this spring. This incarnation of denim is very '60s-inspired and has a new life this year.

--All the extras. Accessories also get jean therapy this season, especially shoes. Denim flats, strappy sandals and espadrilles with straw wedge heels are the newest way to add those finishing details that dress up spring and summer fashion basics.

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