Hair Trends

By Catherine McNulty

March 4, 2011 4 min read

With the air outside heating up, there's no reason to keep your hair looking drab. A change of season is the perfect time to update and experiment with your look. But merely changing your hair isn't enough; what are the coming trends for spring and summer?

After the hyper-tailored looks from the fall and winter collections, spring and summer are breathing a sigh of relief in your closet. Bright colors, comfortable fabrics, sheer layers and prints have been spotted at recent fashion shows. As for the fashion statements from the neck up? All signs point to natural hairstyles that are both undone and sexy. So long, over-styled stick-straight hair! Low, messy buns and big waves are what designers are sending down the runway.

Before you even begin to consider the possibilities of a new hairstyle, make sure you have a good base cut; get rid of any split ends and damaged hair. You'll want to start with a healthy head of hair. Think of it this way: You wouldn't paint on a torn canvas. Once your hair is up to snuff, the new styles are easy to implement.

Anyone with shoulder-length hair can pull off a messy, sexy bun. Start with clean, dry hair. You may want to work in some anti-frizz serum if you're prone to flyaway hair. Put your hair in a ponytail. If you want a low bun, secure it at the nape of your neck. For a higher bun, aim more toward the crown of your head. Wrap your hair around the elastic, securing your ponytail, and secure that with a second elastic. That gives you the basic bun shape.

From there, use bobby pins to secure the bun, and hide the elastic. Pull some of the ends loose to give an unstructured feel to it. For a more romantic look, pull several strands of hair free to frame your face. Use hair spray to ensure hold. The result is a perfectly styled yet messy bun. Pair this with some oversize sunglasses and a giant cup of coffee and you'll be ready to dodge paparazzi just like a Hollywood starlet.

Similar to that is an updo. Start with clean, dry hair in a high ponytail; it should be at the top of your head. Sometimes it's easier to flip your hair upside down and gather it into a ponytail from there. You can wrap a strand of your hair around the elastic to hide it, if you choose. Once again, pull several strands loose to emphasize the casualness of the style. You can either set it with hair spray and forget it or add an ornamental headband.

If you prefer to keep your hair free, play up any body and texture you have with lots of loose waves. Work in mousse or styling gel into towel-dried hair. Either partially dry your hair with a hair dryer or just let it air-dry, occasionally scrunching it and working your fingers through it. This should bring out the body and leave you with lots of soft, sweet waves.

Other ideas? Loose braids, small braids and low ponytails. These styles work well with longer hair and all go along with the messy, textured hair that is all the rage right now.

If your hair is naturally curly, rock it! Turn up the volume and take up space. At the recent Marc Jacobs spring 2011 runway show, the models' hair took up enough space to warrant a ZIP code. So throw out your flatiron and celebrate what nature gave you.

For those with shorter hair, the bob is still popular. Make it more current by making it a wavy bob instead of straight. Consider cutting bangs for an even more of-the-minute look. If even a bob is too much hair for you, go pixie. It's sassy and casual enough to match the current trends.

Whichever style you choose, just remember that messy, sexy, organic, natural and undone are the watchwords for both hair and fashion in spring and summer 2011.

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