Hiding The Key

By Maggie Reed

February 18, 2011 2 min read

Forget about the old tricks of leaving your house key above the door or under a lawn ornament. Though it's easy for you to find, it's also easy for thieves to locate.

The RocLok is a product that combines the creativity of the popular hide-a-key lawn products with the security of a solid lockbox.

"As a former real estate broker, I wasn't fond at all of the key-hiding and security options on the market," says Ryan Belshee, inventor of the RocLok and the company's president. "Contractor lockboxes were glaringly obvious and frankly easy to break in to, and small key hiders were unrealistic-looking, so they were easy to spot. So I combined the best of both worlds and developed RocLok."

The RocLok is the first faux rock key-hiding system to incorporate the security of a combination lockbox with the inconspicuous benefits of the traditional faux rock key hider. With no batteries to change and a built-in combination lock with 1,000 combinations, the RocLok gives peace of mind to homeowners and saves money from locksmith visits.

There are many hide-a-key products on the market -- rocks, sprinklers and numerous concrete animals -- but they are now so common that they are sought out by burglars.

Other faux rocks are small in size and made of fiberglass and fabric, but the RocLok is a realistic size and weight. The cement-based material adapts naturally with its environment, and the RocLok comes in numerous shapes and sizes, ranging in weight from 4 to 12 pounds.

RocLok comes in five different rock types to match natural stones in various parts of the country. It also is built to withstand the harshest weather and ages naturally.

The RocLok retails for $64.95. For more information, call 503-530-8919 or visit http://www.roclok.com.

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