Reader Reveille

By Sharon Naylor

October 23, 2013 4 min read

Book lovers can often the easiest people to cross off your holiday list, since there are so many products on the market geared to readers both young and old. For instance, Dana Holmes, editor-in-chief of, recently announced the winner of the popular gift idea site's annual Giftee Award in reading. The award this year, given to the most innovative and no-fail present in each category, was a set of polyresin bookends designed as two halves of an adorable, curly-tailed gold pig. Giving book accessories removes the concern that a book lover has already read a particular tome you have in mind for their present.

In addition to bookends, here are some of the top gift ideas for book lovers:

--E-reader covers and cases. Designers such as Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer offer their signature designs in protective and stylish covers for Barnes & Noble Inc.'s Nook e-book readers and other devices, adding a sense of fashion to this practical gift.

--E-reader stand. Making it easier to read for a long duration, e-reader stands prop up the device for easy use. Stands and their covers come in a range of trendy bright colors, basic black or gray, and in patterned designs.

--E-reader sleeves. Your avid reader can slip his or her e-reader device into this padded fabric sleeve, which a growing number of Etsy artisans are crafting in eco-friendly fabrics, as well as fashion-forward patterned designs and monogrammed styles.

--Book light. Clipped onto a book or e-reader, this LED light allows for easier reading in dark rooms, such as when a partner or child is sleeping.

--Lap desk with a cushioned bottom. The bottom is cushion, and the top of the lap desk is hard wood or plastic, with a ridged edge to hold a book or magazine in place for easier reading. The lap desk surface also allows the reader to take notes or answer a book's worksheet questions in a notepad or journal as they work through the latest self-help best-sellers.

--T-shirt with a favorite book quote or a humorous take on a book title or theme. These can be found in catalogs, such as Signals, or online. offers creatively designed shirts featuring "Pride and Prejudice," "The Hunger Games," "50 Shades of Grey" and many other titles. You can also create a custom book-themed tee, personalizing your design and slogan with your recipient's favorite novel.

--A gift card to a bookstore, whether chain or independent. Your book-loving friend will get the added thrill of a guilt-free shopping spree while rifling through piles of books, magazines and other bookstore finds. This gift is a favorite of book lovers who love being in a physical bookstore or who have had their eye on a pricy coffee table book or book series.

--A gift card to a comic book store. "My husband collects comic books, and I saw that the comics shop had a collection of the rare and valuable ones. I didn't want to spend $100 on a rare 'Spiderman,' not knowing if my husband already owned it, so the gift card let him get the one he's really wanted for so long," says gift-giving newlywed Shae Blake. "He was like a kid in a candy store, so I'm getting him gift cards to the comics shop for future holiday presents."

--The experience of meeting a favorite author at a booksigning event. Chain bookstores and smaller bookstores alike attract big-name authors on book tours. Surprise the reader on your list with an outing where he or she will get to meet an author, get a personalized, signed book on your dime and get a photo with the author. When they share the photo with friends and family online, the exciting news becomes a gift that keeps on giving.

--And finally, a free gift: a homemade coupon giving your book lover a blissfully quiet afternoon of time to read uninterrupted while you tend to the chores and the kids.

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