Eclectic Christmas Gifts

By Kristi Mexia

October 23, 2013 5 min read

Being a gifted gift giver is no easy task. Giving is an art form, and like all other forms of art, not everyone is good at it. While the toenail clipper you bought your sig-o and the Starbucks card you got your best friend last season may be gifts they needed (we all know foot hygiene can go unchecked and people need their lattes in the morning), they probably weren't something they wanted. This year, some innocent cyberstalking and a few caffeinated conversations might be in order to unearth what your loved ones love. Up your gift ante by getting ideas for "The Godfather" fans and the "Dexter"-obsessed cooks in your life.

1) For the overeager wilderness pragmatist: the Wenger 16999 giant Swiss army knife. Weighing more than 7 pounds, this Swiss army knife will not fit in your pocket. It has more than 140 functions and 87 implements. Tools include a telescopic pointer, a golf-club cleaner, a cigar cutter, a universal wrench, and a fish scaler, as well as the more traditional pocket knife functions of a corkscrew and a 2.5-inch blade. Available at

2) For the I-have-pets-not-kids person: a petcam. While there are lots of options out there, with simple to elaborate solutions, Netgear's VueZone systems allow for remote video monitoring. Owners can record their pet's most adorable moments for later playback, take pictures and view any of their friends' shared cameras for hours of furry fun. Pet lovers can also create their own personal pet monitoring network that is viewable from most smartphones, tablets and Internet browsers. Available at, Best Buy and Target.

3) For "The Godfather" enthusiast: a horse head pillow case. Let your favorite "Godfather" fan re-create "going to the mattresses" by waking up next to a bloody horse head. While this may be a gruesome wake-up call, it will also probably make your friends and family early risers. Available at

4) For the dirt-loving shower-hater: a nose shower gel dispenser. Usually, if it drips from a nose, you shouldn't rub it all over your body. However, these giant nostrils ooze shower gel, not snot. Mini suction cups stick this big sniffer to the wall in your shower, and the device offers good clean fun for the dirty rascal in your life. Available at

5) For the wine-guzzling sommelier: the wine bottle wine glass. Part bottle, part glass, this cheeky product offers a bigger, bolder sampling for the budding wine taster. No longer must the wine lover in your life limit him or herself to a mere glass. They had a tough day at work? Bottles up. Available at

6) For the avid nudist swimmer: The Skinny Dipping Report. Exhibitionism, while still scandalous, has become an art form. If you like to swim and be naked at the same time, then this calendar is for you. The Skinny Dipping Report showcases a photo each month of a skinny dipping adventure. Half social experiment, half commercial product, "every image in (the) calendar is of a real person from a real place with a real story. Each image was captured and presented for public consumption on Flickr" and ended up in The Skinny Dipping Report to communicate "what the person in the photograph is feeling, to understand the particularity of the place and the moment through the lens of skinny dipping." Available at

7) For the "Dexter"-obsessed cook: the person-piercing knife holder. It sounds dangerous and slightly criminal, but this five-piece knife set by Italian industrial designer Raffaele Iannello is actually quite nice. It boasts five different kitchen knives, including 8-inch chef's, bread and carver knives. Available at

8) For the bacon-crazed hog addict: a bacon air freshener. Bacon-wrapped chocolate and bacon cocktails exist, so why not bacon air freshener? If your bacon lover can't get enough of those crispy, greasy morsels, then keeping that fresh bacon smell with him or her at all times is the next best solution. Available at

9) For the Yoda impersonator: the Yoda bathrobe. Yes, they never got over their obsession with "Star Wars," but at this point, why should they? Fuel the passion and you'll have your Yoda soothsayer not only speaking but also looking the part. Available at

10) For the sneaky college drinker: the Beerbelly stealth drink cooler. A college student can't always take his or her favorite tasty brew into the stadium on game day. So the company Cooler Fun invented the Beerbelly. Made for hot or cold beverages, the Beerbelly holds up to 80 ounces, includes a bladder and adjustable sling, is machine-washable, and fits nicely under your clothes. According to the product description, "the bladder even has a wide mouth opening for adding ice for Margaritas!" Now that's drink versatility. Available at

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