Gifts For Less Than $50

By Tawny Maya McCray

September 20, 2012 4 min read

The holidays are the biggest shopping season of the year, a time to dole out gifts to the special people in your life. For shoppers on a budget, this time of year can be a real headache. But there are plenty of great and practical gift ideas out there under $50 that are sure to make your loved ones merry.

Big Picture PR has standout stocking stuffers for less than $50 this season. For women, jewelry designer Paula Montgomery has a nice selection of repurposed romantic vintage earrings starting at $45.

Jewelry designer Kris Nations has plenty of pieces for less than $50 from her eco-friendly line made with repurposed metal. Necklaces start at $39, earrings at $35 and bracelets at $25. There are also several items on sale. All metals are 14-karat gold or sterling silver. According to Nations' website, she works with metal refiners who obtain their metal from the earth's existing metal supply rather than depending on mining new precious metals, which can generate environmental waste, contaminate water and endanger the lives of humans and animals. All her jewelry is made in the USA.

Hard Candy Cases has a wide variety of quality casings for less than $50 for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle Fire and Macbook. Cases for iPhones start at $9.95, iPads at $16.95, iPods at $34.95, Kindle Fire at $39.95 and Macbook at $9.95. Find the entire collection at

Many stores have a large array of gifts for less than $50 online, including Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn. Items include wine racks, industry wine coolers, candles, incense, recycled glass bottle vases, lanterns, clocks, journals, pens and picture frames.

An article from eHow about Christmas gifts for women that are less than $50 suggests purchasing bath and beauty products in the recipient's favorite scent.

"Find out her favorite perfume, and instead of buying the perfume itself for Christmas, purchase the accompanying products, such as lotions, body washes, body oils, soaps, bubble bath and candles, in the same scent," the article says.

The article also suggests putting a spin on simply buying a bottle of wine. Instead, take the woman in your life on a tour of a local winery. Many wineries offer free tours and tastings so you can sample a variety of wines and find out which ones your loved one will like.

"Take note of her favorite wines during the tastings," the article states. "After the tour, purchase several bottles of her favorites, and give them to her as Christmas gifts. For $50, you can likely purchase one to three bottles of wine, depending on the price. "

An article from eHow on gifts for men suggests picking out tools, sports paraphernalia from their favorite team or a nice bottle of wine or whiskey for less than $50.

Gift certificates are also a nice gift for $50 or less. Montgomery says she's big on giving gift cards to her friends from their favorite store or hobby, such as a knitting store, bead store, independent movie theater or coffee shop.

"That way, they only use it for themselves and not feel like they need to use it on someone else," she says. "I like to get them from local shops and try to avoid the big-box, mall store, chain store, so as to support the local economy and locally owned shops."

Montgomery added, "I also make one-of-a-kind gift card holders myself so it shows more thought than just running out and buying a gift card and shoving it in a boring envelope. The envelope that I make becomes part of the gift."

No matter the gift, Montgomery says it is the thought that counts.

"Any gift is great if it's thoughtful and something you know the recipient will use or love or targets their strengths or interests," she says.

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