Men's Present Problems

By Diane Schlindwein

September 19, 2008 5 min read


A great item is out there for your guy

Diane Schlindwein

Creators News Service

Admit it -- the men in your life are probably notoriously hard to buy for. Ask them, "What would you like for Christmas this year?" and nine out of 10 times they'll answer, "I don't really need anything," or, "I don't know. Surprise me!"

Following replies like these you might be tempted to run right out and buy a tie or a wallet. However, this year think outside of the gift box when it comes to purchasing presents for your special guys.

"Men are rarely clear about what they want, so buying them gifts becomes a blindfolded Easter egg hunt," said Gillian Joseph, editor-in-chief at "To help, we scour the web in search of the greatest gifts for men and sort them by interest, personality and occasion, to make it easier than ever to give him a gift he actually wants."

Joseph said the website's personality profiler can help the confused shopper. Simply answer a few questions to determine your recipient's personality type, and you will get a list of gifts to match. "We're here to make giving gifts fun while saving time and headaches," she said.

No matter what, it's a safe bet that gadgets are a hit with guys. "Our hand-picked 'gadget guru' gift ideas are our consumer's favorites and one of the most visited pages on the site, especially during the holidays," she said, adding that iPhone, Wii, Amazon Kindle and photo converters will be popular this year.

"Other gifts for guys that are always popular on our site include club memberships -- for example, beer of the month club, cigar of the month club and wine of the month club," Joseph said. "So are experiential gifts like racecar driving, cooking classes and sky diving lessons."

If your man is the relaxed type, one great gadget that will come in handy is the giant Sharper Image remote that's available through JCPenney. You can find this "hard to lose" remote in JCPenney stores and online at

JCPenney also features a line of NFL products that are popular with armchair athletes everywhere. In addition, they offer fine lines of electronics, clothes, sportswear, outerwear and shoes as well. Specialty clothing such as the Big & Tall line makes it easy to shop for the big guy in your life.

If you prefer to shop closer to home and you're buying for a golf enthusiast, consider visiting your local pro shop. Golf lessons are also great for anyone looking to improve their game. Golf pros usually give lessons to both beginners and more experienced golfers. The price of the lessons will vary depending on the pro and also the area of the country.

In general, golfers like to look good. That's why golf shirts and golf hats are great gifts. Special golf sunglasses help cut down the glare on the course. Be prepared to spend a little more on these glasses, which are typically more expensive than conventional "glare wear" and range in price from about $40 up to $350, depending on the brand.'s Joseph said she has two major tips when shopping for any gifts this season. "Shop online and shop early," she said. "Shopping online will save you gas and your sanity. Plus, if you shop early online you will probably get a deal on shipping, but most importantly, you will have a variety of gifts from which to choose."

During the holiday season, compiles a list of their merchants who are offering special deals like free personalization, discounts and free shipping. But make sure to get to them before everyone else does.

"This season we expect merchants to have far less inventory than they've had in the past," Joseph said. "This means if you wait until the last minute, you aren't going to have a great selection of gifts from which to choose. The later you wait to shop, the slimmer the pickings."

Of course, if your guy desperately needs some new neckwear or a less worn wallet, you'll probably find a good selection at any of your favorite department stores. So go ahead and stick them in his stocking. Just be sure he has some other great gifts to unwrap under the tree.

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