Make Gift Cards More Exciting

By Jeanelle D. Horcasitas

September 29, 2017 4 min read

What kind of gift do you give to a person who has everything? This seems to be the challenge many people face each holiday season. Despite this dilemma, gift cards have made it a lot easier to buy a gift for our trickier family and friends. Gift cards are great because they can be used on whatever you want, or even better, used with multiple gift cards to get one big-ticket item you've had your eye on! But oftentimes there are no surprises with gift cards. Typically they're just in an envelope. Even though gift cards are great, the presentation and element of surprise could definitely use some work. Below are some tips to improve your gift card giving game and impress that lucky someone receiving it!

Whether you know it or not, most gift cards can be paired with another item to align with a fun theme. Although you may not know what the gift card will be used for, adding a little extra to the whole package is the cherry on top. Major department stores like Target and Walmart already have ready-to-gift baskets available that you can just pick up if you're on a time crunch to pair with the gift card. However, if you want to be creative, Pinterest is always the best place to get inspiration. Check out a few of my gift packages to pair with gift cards:

--For the coffee or tea lover in your life. This is one of the easiest gift cards to pair another item with! Find a mug that you think fits the personality of the recipient; whether it's a witty saying or quote, or even a colorful artsy piece -- the choices are endless! For tea, you can pair it with some honey, or yummy cookies. World Market has a wonderful array of coffee and tea items. Among the most inexpensive items there are the tea rests with fun sayings -- and more important -- a spot to place your tea bag after seeping.

--For the avid moviegoers in your life. As mentioned previously, Target and Walmart typically sell popcorn bowls and candy gift basket ready for purchase that are a perfect pair when giving a gift card to the movies. However, make it unique by adding their favorite sweets. A nice throw blanket is another idea so that they can cozy up at the show and truly feel the comforts of home.

--For the fashionistas in your life. Now, it might seem a bit contradictory to purchase an item for a fashionista in addition to a gift card that they will most likely be using on more threads. But, if you can score something small that reflects style and personality; it will add a personal touch to the entire gift. Perhaps buying a roll-on perfume or cologne to take on the go, or a pair of fuzzy socks in their favorite color is the way to go. Scarves are always a good go-to and can add to any outfit.

--For the bibliophile in your life. What do you give a book lover? More books and book accessories course! If you're buying a gift card for a book store, a few items you can pair it with may be: a mini lamp that clamps on the book to read on those late nights, a pillow rest so that they can enjoy many hours of getting lost in a good book, or even a journal that they can write down their own stories and thoughts.

As you can see, gathering items that fit the theme of the gift card you are buying is your best bet. The best part is that now you can wrap it up in a small or large package and give them something to unwrap rather than breaking the seal of an envelope. If a fun prank is more your style, wrapping up a big box with smaller boxes inside for your friend or family member to keep unwrapping until the very end is always entertaining for everyone! Either way, it is the thought that counts and giving gifts is always a heartwarming experience.

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