Removing Stickers From Glass

By DiAnne Crown

January 4, 2012 2 min read

Whether you've bought a glass serving platter as a gift or a marked-down mirror for yourself, if it's not boxed you likely will have to remove at least one sticker. Two glass experts share their tips:

*From Mike Duvall, chief operating officer of Glass Specialty Systems:

--An adhesive remover, such as Goo Gone, dissolves the sticker and the glue but leaves a mess, so you need a coarse washcloth or scrubbing pad to get the glue remnants off.

--Rub across the sticker very gently, no pressure, with a safety razor (one sharp edge). Use light strokes, being careful not to scratch the glass. Use Windex or another alcohol-based glass cleaner to wash the glass. Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner, which will scratch the surface.

--A heat gun or blow-dryer will loosen some stickers. Use the file on a nail clipper or a credit card to scrape while heating, "and it should come right off," says Duvall.

*From Jason Lee, supervisor at Maintenance Supply Co.:

If there are also blobs of putty, caulk or silicone, rub gently with a safety razor first, and then clean off the stickers and wash the glass.

To remove stickers, wet the area to be cleaned, including any stickers or decals, with Dawn dish soap in water. While the area is wet, rub the sticker with triple- or quadruple-aught (0000) steel wool. Rewet and rub with steel wool again if necessary.

*For more tips on cleaning glass, visit and follow the links to Heloise's cleaning tips. Or you can search for "remove old decals" on

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