Quick Beauty Tips

By Kristen Castillo

December 20, 2012 6 min read

Quick beauty fixes can help you look polished and pretty in no time. Read on as health and beauty experts share their tips for fast ways you can maximize your beauty!


"An easy, quick and inexpensive dry shampoo is waiting in your pantry," says Hollywood hair stylist John McCormick of Red Carpet Stylist. "Grab a teaspoon or two of cornstarch. Use your fingertips, take small sections and lightly dab on your scalp."

After a quick cornstarch massage, "The oily roots are cleansed and ready for styling," McCormick says.

Another tip if you don't have time to shampoo: "A dryer sheet can freshen up hair when it's full of smoke or when there's no time to wash it," say Bruce Lubin and Jeannie Bossolina Lubin, authors of the "Who Knew?" series of books. "An added bonus -- running a dryer sheet over hair also cures frizziness."

You can also tame your mane with a lip soother.

"If you have flyaway hair with some strands sticking in the air and you are out, a quick fix in a pinch is Chapstick," explains Donna Spangler, a Hollywood beauty, fitness and lifestyle expert. "Take it in your fingers and mush some then pat down the unruly hairs."

If you need to get rid of a bad dye job, hop in the shower. "Wash it three to four times using an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione," suggest the Lubins.

Keep colored hair shiny and healthy with a pantry staple.

"Add avocado into your hair care products to enhance your conditioning," say Scott and Jennifer Fontana, owners of Cristophe Salon in Newport Beach, Calif.

*Skin & Nails

What do common kitchen items like lemon juice and sugar have in common? They can help transform your skin and nails from drab to fab.

"Rub a wedge of lemon on your fingernails to whiten their enamel," say the Lubins.

Use the rest of the citrus to sooth and smooth dry skin on your elbows and knees.

"Just squeeze lemon juice over any rough patches and allow the juice to stay on your skin for up to 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water," says lifestyle blogger Christina-Lauren Pollack, who explains the fruit's natural acids "encourage exfoliation."

*Lips and Teeth

Sugar can help your lips stay supple. "Mix it with Vaseline on a tooth brush to exfoliate dead skin on lips," says Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist for Physicians Formula.

She also recommends raiding your spice cabinet.

"To enhance your pucker, add a bit of cinnamon to your lip balm," Schlip says, noting cinnamon will increase blood flow and irritate the lips to temporarily plump your pout.

Forget long-wear lipsticks. Jell-O could give you the same colorful kisser. Dip a cotton swab into water, then into the gelatin and then on your lips, advises Schlip who calls it a "great non-drying alternative that will leave behind a stain all day."


For oily skin, the Lubins recommend cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing the flat end all over your face. Rinse after 20 minutes.

Blotting paper can help you get rid of greasy skin, but if you run out, head to the bathroom.

"Toilet seat covers," are "a sweaty gal's secret weapon," says Schlip who advises using a fresh piece of a toilet seat cover to blots skin to "a perfect matte finish."

You can also control facial sweating by applying clear, unscented deodorant to your face before applying makeup.

"Just as the ingredients in antiperspirant keep your underarms dry, they have the same effect when applied in thin layers to the parts of the face that have the most sweat glands -- upper lip and hairline," says Schlip.

For acne-prone skin, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, suggests using a green tinted makeup, followed by your regular makeup because, "the green color counteracts red," he says.

The next time you plucking your eyebrows, use Oragel.

"Canker sore gel numbs the brows, making it the ideal pre-plucking secret weapon," says Schlip, who explains the medicine, "temporarily numbs the skin around the eyebrows allowing you to pluck with less pain." Just don't let the medicine get near your eyes.


Don't forget to pamper your feet.

Use "lip balm on the backs of heels and the Achilles area for blister-free high heel wearing," says Sandria Marie of Brazen Cosmetics. "The wax prevents friction and creates a barrier that keeps blisters at bay."

If your heels are cracked, try Krazy Glue. According to Dr. Zeichner, "Not only will it help improve pain, but also prevent infection and allow the fissure to heal from the inside out. Just be careful not to glue your fingers to your feet in the process."

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