Tips And Trends For Home Improvements With Fast Results

By Cathy Lubenski

May 2, 2008 3 min read


Tips and trends for home improvements with fast results

By Cathy Lubenski

Copley News Service


True Temper's EZ Pour Spout Wheelbarrow lets you pour out the contents more accurately. The wheelbarrow is designed to simplify depositing loads such as mulch, gravel and soil. It's available at Home Depot for about $89.95. (CNS)


So how do you really know when your plants need a drink? A new gadget, the Thirsty Light, is a digital moisture sensor that continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level of your plant once per second. It blinks when it's time to water. $9.95 at (CNS)


The catchphrase used to market Bagballs is "Fight Stink," which is also a good description of what they do.

Bagballs are constructed of a fiber element that's impregnated with natural oils that act as an odor neutralizer. Designed originally for smelly gym bags, hence the name, Bagballs can be used anywhere there are bad smells -- the laundry hamper, a closet, a stored suitcase to avoid musty odors, cars, and sports equipment bags.

They look like whiffle balls with slits along the sides that allow the dry vapor to be released into the air. "The simple act of opening a closet door or drawer or gym bag creates a vacuum that will force air into the Bagball and release the dry vapor into the air and destroy the odor molecules," said Scott Androff, director of marketing.

Unlike other odor-fighting products, there's no liquid in Bagballs. "It doesn't seep, it doesn't drain, it doesn't stain. You can put them anywhere, that's the beauty of it," Androff said.

Bagballs come in several different scents, from berries to apples to the ocean and more. A household version, Fresh-n All, has lighter scents from lavender to lemon to potpourri and others.

Bagballs and Fresh-n All sell for $9.99. Bagballs are available at Big 5 Sporting Goods; Fresh-n All online at (CNS)


Trying to save energy and money by washing your clothes in cold water? Clorox has a new bleach designed to bolster detergent performance in cold water, Clorox Plus Coldwater Bleach. Washing in cold water also helps prolong the life of fabrics, which break down less quickly in cold water. $1.99 for 82 ounces. (CNS)

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