Side Hustles

By Julia Price

January 5, 2018 4 min read

With modern technology, everything is easier to access. You can open up an app to order a car, track the ride on your phone's map, and then have the cost automatically deducted from your PayPal account. Within minutes, you can order up a feast using a delivery app that also tracks the process of pickup to delivery, and allows you to tip from your account. All of these apps are incredible timesavers. And if you're looking to make a few extra bucks, you can start a side hustle by being the one on the other side of the app.

--Task Rabbit or Handy. Are you someone who prides her or himself on fixing things? If you know how to do a wide variety of things around the house, from mounting a picture frame to assembling furniture, use that knowledge to make yourself some cash. You can find the jobs you love doing, set your own rates and schedule, and, after an orientation in your area, you can start your tasks! Handy says that some of their professionals make $1,000 per week, with an easy payment system that sends you the money as soon as you complete the job.

--Offer Up or Let Go. Turn your clutter into cha-ching with the help of these apps that let you post old furniture and decor, name your price and location, and make a direct connection to an excited customer. You will get notified the instant that someone makes an offer and can message them directly through the apps. Unlike Craigslist, where you can find yourself interacting with an anonymous user, their profile (with ratings) will be right in front of you for reliability and safety. You can sell anything from an old table to used clothes.

--Uber or Lyft. Perhaps you're someone who loves driving, meeting people, and you've got a four-door automobile that is up to date with its inspections and maintenance. Combine those things and you could become a Lyft or Uber driver! Both companies have different registration processes and payout methods, but the process is self-explanatory and easy to follow on their respective websites. Both apps also offer bonuses for a certain amount of drives completed, plus more money during peak hours. Make sure if you take this kind of work that you're an outgoing type who loves to chat with people, and a clean person who can make sure their vehicle stays smelling fresh.

--Inbox Dollars. If you want to make money from the comfort of your own home with barely any social interaction, this app may be for you. Fill out surveys and read emails for different brands, and you'll be paid out several times per month for the work you complete. While there isn't as much of an opportunity to get large spikes on income, the rates are dependable and simple, and you can even complete items while waiting in line at the grocery checkout.

--Wag. Love dogs and being outside? You can sign up to walk dogs through Wag, become certified in two weeks, and start walking this human's best friend around your schedule. Similar to Uber or Lyft, once you clock in, clients can request you to walk their fur baby and follow your path with GPS tracking. You can also notify them whether their dog goes to the bathroom and more. This is a great way to get some vitamin D and exercise, and to hang out with adorable dogs while making money.

--Etsy. Maybe you're the creative type who loves spending time crafting, making unique artsy items, and DIY everything and anything. Then go ahead and sell those final products. From handmade greeting cards to personalized wallets, if you can make it, you've got a marketplace waiting at your fingertips.

Whatever side hustle you're thinking of starting, you can bring in the big bucks by doing things that you love, all with a quick download of an app.

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