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December 3, 2010 4 min read

photo courtesy of Bradford Rogne

Health2011-02 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

WORK IT OUT -- Fitness expert Joshua Margolis urges people to test secondhand fitness equipment before buying it. photo courtesy of Joshua Margolis

Health2011-03 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

PINE MOUTH -- Pine nuts, used by creative cooks in salads, pestos and snacks, can cause an unpleasant condition called "pine mouth." photo courtesy of Lesley Sauls

Health2011-04 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

EAT RIGHT -- Oatmeal is part of a great breakfast because it contains fiber and helps keep your cholesterol in check. photo courtesy of Diane Schlindwein

Health2011-05 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

WOMEN'S HEALTH -- Women's health expert Nieca Goldberg says walking is a good exercise to maintain bone health. photo courtesy of Nieca Goldberg

Health2011-06 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

THE GREEN NUT -- Pistachios have many health benefits, including reducing stress. photo courtesy of The Green Nut

Health2011-07 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

STRIPTEASE AND POLE DANCING CLASSES -- Pole dancing classes are a growing trend in the quest to stay fit. photo courtesy of Fabricia Monico

Health2011-08 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

YOGA -- There are yoga classes for every ability level. photo courtesy of YogaWorks

Health2011-09 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

RIGHT FOR YOU -- A Cadillac is a typical piece of equipment in Pilates workouts. photo courtesy of Pilates Designs by Basil

Health2011-10 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

HYBRID WORKOUTS (A) -- The hybrid workout Piloxing combines Pilates with boxing. photo courtesy of Viveca Jensen

Health2011-12 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

HYBRID WORKOUTS (B) -- Celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen created Piloxing. photo courtesy of Viveca Jensen

Health2011-12 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

GYM OR LIVING ROOM? (A) -- One benefit of joining a gym is the trained staff. photo courtesy of FitClub

Health2011-13 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

GYM OR LIVING ROOM? (B) -- If you have the equipment and the motivation, working out at home may be your best bet.

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Health2011-13 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

DIETS DELIVERED -- Actress Sara Rue lost 50 pounds on the Jenny Craig weight management program, which combines prepared foods, weekly counseling and online support to help dieters jump-start a healthier lifestyle. photo courtesy of Jenny Craig

Health2011-14 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

THE NORRIS DIET -- Ever wonder what acting and martial arts icon Chuck Norris eats on a daily basis?

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Health2011-15 HEALTH AND FITNESS 2011

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