Where's The Car?

By Chelle Cordero

December 27, 2016 4 min read

There are several reasons you would want to know the whereabouts of your car. Luckily, there are many models of automotive GPS technology that make monitoring your car relatively simple and often not terribly expensive.

*What Are the Advantages of Tracking Your Car's Performance and Location?

For parents of new drivers, you can learn about your teen's driving habits, the car's location or if there is a problem with the automobile. Some GPS devices will send a daily record listing speed, braking habits, location (past and current) and where the car was stopped with or without the engine running. Some even monitor activities like texting while driving. Getting information regarding your teen's driving performance can help to quell a lot of normal parental angst. Either the results will confirm good driving skills, or they will show a need for remedial driving lessons.

Are you worried that your elderly parent is becoming forgetful and inattentive or is having trouble seeing at night? Trackers can tell you what hours of the day the car is being driven as well as the location. If mom and dad get confused about where they are headed, knowing where they stopped last makes them easier to find safely and quickly. Of course, unlike your underage child driving a car on your insurance policy, mom and dad have the right to say yes or no to your installing a tracking device in the vehicle.

If you have hired caretakers for older parents, an au pair for your children, a housekeeper or any other service where your car might be used, a GPS tracker will monitor the use of your vehicle and help ensure that family members are being properly cared for.

Have you experienced the dread of walking out to where you'd thought you had parked your car only to find it missing? Most of the time, you'd merely forgotten where you parked. However, if someone had stolen your car (or borrowed it without permission), then having a tracking system would make it easier to recover. Another advantage to installing an automotive tracker in your vehicle is in the event of an accident. If you or the driver cannot make a phone call for help, rescue services can still find you. Many GPS devices send automatic alerts in the event of an air bag deployment or rollover.

*What Are Some Considerations When Choosing a Tracker for Your Car?

Car trackers are available for every budget. Prices start at around $25 and can go up to a few hundred dollars, depending on the included features. Do you want something that will simply tell you your car's location or do you want navigation services included? How about engine diagnostics? These extras are what raise the cost.

The GPS systems generally report the findings to a central office, which may or may not send that information on to you. Sometimes they require a subscription price or one-time fee. Other systems can communicate with apps on your phone or computer and will allow you to see locations on a remote map.

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