Welcoming Wreaths

By Joseph Pubillones

August 21, 2014 4 min read

From your point of entry, a wreath, a floral arrangement, a garland on your door and window boxes on windows begin to reveal the tone of your decor. Some of the most elaborate and refined winter decorations can be seen in historical towns such as Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Boston. It is somewhat of a tradition in certain towns. This type of decoration is a serious undertaking that is the source of pride in some cities all over the world. It becomes part of the ceremony of welcoming passersby to your city.

Decorating is a way to celebrate all of the beautiful things the world has to offer us. In home decoration, we try our best to make our home beautiful. A beautiful, well-decorated home is everyone's dream. We make our homes beautiful by adding accessories, and some people even hire an interior designer to design their home according to his/her ideas and tastes.

Winter and fall vacations are a time to rejoice, reminisce and reflect. Nicely appointed parties and decorations will make you enjoy the company of family and friends even more. Hosts attend to every last detail to ensure the enjoyment of their friends and guests and as a symbol of welcome.

Some folks like to develop a decorative theme for their homes and trees, and yet others prefer to decorate with a built-over-time collection of diverse ornaments. Trees can add a special touch to any holiday, whether a Christmas tree or a Hanukkah bush. Will you use a real or an artificial tree? It's a matter of personal choice and convenience. An important issue to ponder is what kind of tree will complement your decor. A contemporary interior, for example, shouldn't be festooned with a tree overloaded with traditional or vintage ornaments, and a traditional home wouldn't look quite right with a stark tree and a minimal display of ornaments.

For some, decorating is fun; others find it stressful trying to strike the correct balance between adequate and over the top. Keep in mind that this type of decor is supposed to be fun, so relax your usual concerns a bit. This time of the year is filled with joy for some and sadness for others. Take time to make sure everyone around you is lifted by your enthusiasm.

Start a new tradition. Ask your neighbors over for coffee or tea. Express your desire to unify your street with a particular decoration. Start by choosing a simple project -- a real wreath, for example. Choose a project that everyone can participate in and decorate to their liking. Decorations, especially seasonal ones, can seem frivolous. But it's the one time during the year when, regardless of your faith, everyone comes together in the spirit of our common brotherhood.

Who knows? Maybe your spirit will catch on with the next block and the next block, and pretty soon your city would have a unique and welcoming tradition of its own.

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