Reinvent Your Rooms

By Joseph Pubillones

July 1, 2013 3 min read

We've all been there. You look around your home and wish you could change the way things look immediately. You can! To redecorate your whole house sounds like a lot of work -- and it is, to a certain point. Think of it as a bit of serious housekeeping. But you can reinvent your rooms as often as you'd like. Houses are not meant to be stagnant. So roll up your sleeves and get to work on your home makeover.

Redecorating a home with what you already have can be tackled in a similar manner to the way you would reconsider your wardrobe, in which pants, shirts and shoes can be mixed to create a great number of outfits. When items are moved throughout your home, each item as it is paired with another can give your room an exciting new energy. We often get used to the way things look, especially if they have remained a certain way year after year. It is important to keep an open mind and consider that all furniture, art and accessories are fair game to move from one location to another.

Many of us feel that our homes have to be perfect. Although that is a good objective to aspire to, the reality is that most homes have some kind of flaw, some more apparent than others. Too big, too small, not the right style, etc. These "flaws" are usually very visible to the homeowner and generally invisible to everyone else. As food for thought, that kitchen you consider to be too small and boring may be the best-looking and -functioning kitchen for a gourmet chef. It always seems the grass is greener on the other side. But to embark on a no- or low-cost redesign of your home, you need to embrace all of its imperfections.

Finding inner peace and serenity in your home has a lot to do with celebrating the art of imperfection. In the Zen tradition, "wabi-sabi" objects are beautiful yet imperfect as designed by nature. Imperfections are lauded as sublime. Your home should embrace all of its warts and cracks with grace in acceptance of its history and the day-to-day activities of life.

Inspiration and tips for reinventing your home:

1) If you enjoy having coffee on your sofa, why not consider placing one in your kitchen?

2) Why not glam your bathroom with a chandelier if it makes you feel like a star?

3) If green is your thing, paint your living room walls the perfect shade of avocado.

4) What to do with a Pepto pink bathroom? Add matching grass cloth to the walls and celebrate the color.

5) In the mood for an exotic Moroccan fantasy? Layer your room's floor with Oriental rugs of varying colors and sizes.

6) Your collection of family photos could make a statement on a den wall, all framed in black and hung ceiling to floor.

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