By Sharon Mosley

July 8, 2011 4 min read

It's over-the-top when it comes to fall's newest fashion accessories; we're head over heels in love with the big bags, the pumped-up shoes, the collars and the cuffs -- and the fuzzy fur hats, well, fur sure those are a must-have! After all, we don't live by clothes alone, do we?

So what are all those bold and beautiful necessities that we will want to add to our wardrobes this fall? I'll tell you. And start your shopping list now; you don't have to wait until it gets cold to indulge in these extras:

--Go for an exotic handbag. The big bags are still around this fall, though they're more structured; the squared doctor's satchel will be a big hit. But the smaller clutches and pouchettes are becoming more and more popular, especially when done in exotic snakeskin prints. For even more fun, check out the fuzzy new fur handbags.

--Pump it up. Shoes are always one accessory that can update a wardrobe instantly, and this fall, look for more wedges, lots of high-heeled loafers and booties (the Beatle boot returns!), and classic pumps once again take their stand.

--Make a statement with jewelry. You may have the ladylike pearls and the diamond stud earrings already, but you're going to want to go bolder this fall. Give your wardrobe a big punch with meant-to-be-seen jeweled pins and cuff bracelets, as well as glitzy cocktail rings.

--Get cozy with hats and head wraps. Hats were all over the fall runways, from furry oversize Russian trapper styles to knit beanies and berets to structured retro cloches. Head wraps also showed up in many designer collections, from sheer scarves to caps of metallic armor. This is definitely one accessory on your fall shopping list that will have to wait until the first frost sets in.

--Wrap up with neckwear and headgear. The fur was flying again this fall in long, shawl-like fur scarves and collars topping off sweaters, coats and jackets. Are we expecting a blizzard or something? Anyway, everyone should own at least one of these fuzzy wraps; the colorful ones are the most fun!

--Tie it up with a bow. Another major neckwear accessory seems to be taken straight out of an old "Tuxedo Junction" throwback, with bow ties and floppy bows making a comeback. This is an easy trend to follow -- and an inexpensive way to add some chic style to your white shirts.

--Belt it. With the focus on the waist this season, it just stands to reason that belts would be a major accessory. From chunky decorative wide belts to simple classics to slimmer jeweled belts for dressier occasions, there's a belt to cinch in every look. But the newest way to show off the midriff is to sash it with a big black swath of fabric. Contrasted with colorful dresses, pants and skirts, the black sash makes a bold statement.

--Go hand in hand with gloves. Now what's a fall and winter without a new pair of gloves to get you really warmed up all over? From short leather gloves embellished with embroidery to more dramatic elbow-length styles in exaggerated silhouettes, the glove love is a bold extra to include on your shopping list. The perfect addition to those fuzzy handbags!

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