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By Chelle Cordero

July 17, 2009 5 min read


Accessorize with care to bring out your stellar self

Chelle Cordero

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It's the day that a young woman feels like a princess, complete with a tiara, an exquisite necklace and earrings. Her engagement ring is worn on her right hand and a delicate bracelet at most adorns her wrist, but nothing else that will detract from her new wedding band. It's her day and she is pure royalty.

When it comes to what accessories you're going to wear along with your gown, you should consider the bigger picture. Jewelry, specifically necklaces, should be chosen after your dress is selected. There are some exceptions: If the bride is planning to wear an heirloom piece or religious symbol, she should bring it with her to her initial try-on sessions to ensure that the neckline and accessory work together. Almost any necklace will complement a strapless gown, but the general rule is that the more complicated the dress bodice, the simpler the necklace should be.

Earrings serve to frame the bride's face and work well when the bride's hair is swept up. Simple studs will go well with any bridal gown. If you have a complex necklace, you may want to keep your earrings small -- there is such a thing as jewelry overkill.

When it comes to the stones you choose, diamond jewelry is associated with love and permanence. The brilliance of the gem and the metal of the ring that a man presented to his bride were once associated with his ability to support and care for her. The stone also provides the perfect accent in earrings or a necklace on the big day.

If you don't have any diamond jewelry to wear, consider pearls -- they provide a classic look, whether a string of pearls decorate your neckline or studs adorn your ears.

As for your veil, they are required by some religious customs and are considered to be a part of the ceremony. Otherwise, they are a personal choice driven by tradition or fashion. There are plenty of veil styles and lengths to choose from, whether it's a cathedral length extending beyond your dress or a flyway style that hits just above the shoulder.

A tiara may be the perfect accessory to hold a veil in place or to finish off a hairstyle. Combs, hair jewelry, picks and floral sprigs work best when the bride has decided not to wear a veil.

"Wedding accessories have to be fashion accessories as well. Everything, from your veil to your bouquet should be carefully designed and edited. Nothing detracts from a splendid gown like the wrong accessories," wrote bridal gown designer Vera Wang in her blog for

She included the veil, headpiece, shoes, jewelry and even fragrance among her list of accessories. For her, a simple strand of pearls or a delicate pendant and a pair of earrings is usually enough.

Although the bouquet is usually not thought of as an accessory, it does adorn the bride and should have important consideration. Think about your selection of flowers -- seasonal fall and winter flowers often sport rich, textured hues.

Depending on the theme and color scheme of your wedding, you might include flowing ribbons, small sculptures or a string of pearls in your bouquet. A matching broche to an heirloom necklace might be added to the ribbon tied around it -- just remember to remove it before tossing it to your guests.

While your bridal shoes should look good and go with your dress, you also need to be able to walk comfortably and gracefully down the aisle. Designers nowadays are offering choices in everything from stilettos to stylish pumps that are no longer regulated to the traditional white. Flats and even decorated sneakers are options for those who may not want a heel. But no matter what shoe you choose, sure to bring your chosen pair with you before the first gown fitting to ensure the best hemline.

As the days get chilly, other fall and winter accessories may include gloves. Consider fingerless gloves that give access to your ring finger and show off a manicure. A wrap or shawl will keep you comfortable on a chilly fall or winter evening. The best place to look for this is at the bridal gown store where you found your dress.

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