Denim Reworked

By Sharon Mosley

September 25, 2014 3 min read

Denim never dies. Despite what you may have heard about the takeover by yoga pants on the streets, denim is not singing the blues yet. We may love to slip into a fashion coma every once in a while and live in track pants, but when it comes to looking chic and cool at the same time, nothing beats denim. And yes, you can wear denim head to toe. It's official.

Here are some of the best looks this fall:

--Two-toned. Have denim your way, in two different layers of color. Check out the two-toned blue jeans at Paige Denim or Stella McCartney's $1,000-plus denim-on-denim shirt. Or create your own two-toned blend of denim by layering lighter chambray pieces with darker blues. Mix it all up: jeans, jackets, shirts, slim skirts and even overalls.

--Patchwork denim is so cool now that even designers are taking up the DIY look and churning out one-of-a-kind inspirations. When designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors are taking the patchwork approach, you know you have a major happening in the world of jeanswear.

--Distressed. So what's all the fuss about? These are jeans that have been faded, washed and washed again, all in the name of high fashion -- only they're probably even more comfortable than that pair of jeans you've worn since high school. But with the latest holey incarnations of denim, you definitely will need something to come between you and your Calvins.

--High-waisted. A big trend this fall, the waist-high jeans are celebrity favorites. Check out Katie Holmes on a recent Glamour magazine cover decked out in Calvin Klein's denim shirt and Stella McCartney's jeans. Many of these new jeans are slightly flared for even more style drama. Wear with heels or boots for extra-flattering height.

--Boyfriend. A little roomier and always cuffed, these relaxed jeans are the best weekend friends you can have in your wardrobe this fall. They're perfect to wear with chunky knit sweaters and flat menswear loafers.

--Skinny. The fitted-jean silhouette is still a winner on the style scene. Cropped short or long and lean, this jean easily works with oversized sweaters and coats, as well as tunic tops and tailored jackets. For work, keep your denim on the dark side (black is a winner), cleaned up and professional; for play, you can get as distressed out as you want!

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