Power Accessories

By Sharon Mosley

September 25, 2014 4 min read

Most of us know the power of accessories. All those little extras can instantly update a wardrobe and transform last year's clothes into this year's hottest look. Here are 10 of the best ways to give your fall fashion favorites a whole new personality:

--Blanket scarves. Who doesn't like wrapping up in a big 'ole mohair blanket on a cool fall night? Well, now fashion designers have taken your love for all things cozy and turned it into a hit on and off the runway. Watch for lots of graphic prints and patterns with a Southwestern flair to cloak you in style.

--Oversize handbags. Finally, we have handbags large enough to stash all our stuff. There are even oversize clutches now carrying on the tradition of the bigger-is-better mantra. From slouchy hobos in fur to structured totes in graphic patterns to drawstring backpacks in shearling, there's a handbag for everyone this year.

--Statement necklaces. If you're not tying scarves around your neck or covering up with a chunky cowl-neck sweater, go for a collar necklace that makes its own fashion statement. Or choose a unique pendant necklace to wear over knits and scarves.

--Single earrings. This fall, you'll wish you saved all those earrings that you lost! The major news is wearing one big dangling chandelier earring on one ear. Yes, it may sound weird and even look weirder, but the dramatic single-earring trend, or "onesies," is the big news this fall. So are ear cuffs that clip onto your ears in multiples, and double-sided earrings that make the front and back of your ear stand out.

--Wide belts. With all the oversized knits and coats this fall, a wide belt may be the one accessory that you need in order to rein it all in a little bit. Try these belts on dresses and over jackets to update your wardrobe in a cinch. For more of a trendy pop, try one in a bold color.

--Fringe anything. Whether it's a suede saddlebag, a cashmere scarf or a leather knee-high boot, fringe is dripping with big-time style this fall. Add a little; add a lot -- you can't go wrong with any accessory on the fringe this fall.

--Hat fever. Pharrell Williams may have started something with his jumbo Vivienne Westwood "Mountie" hat at the Grammy's last spring, but designers are topping off their fall creations with even more creative lids, ranging from big bowlers at Giorgio Armani to wide-brimmed fedoras at Saint Laurent and knit beanies at Tommy Hilfiger. Headpieces are back in a big way!

--Round sunglasses. They're now a year-round accessory. And this fall, sunnies are making a bigger-than-life statement, going in circles sporting oversize lenses and "look-at-me" frames. These larger shades are a celebrity favorite.

--Fur muffs. Actually a very practical accessory in cold months, the fur muff is making a comeback, especially when done in bright neon. Whether it's faux or real, these furry hand warmers are definitely meant to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

--Elbow-length gloves. Another winter accessory that is a little more on the stylish side, but can keep your fingers toasty at the same time. The tech-friendly gloves may be a daytime staple, but if you want to step it up a notch this fall, try pulling on a pair of the longer gloves in a colorful bold print or embossed pattern.

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