Artistic Rendering

By Sharon Naylor

September 25, 2014 4 min read

Fashion designers may be fabulous, but first and foremost, they are artists. And this fall and winter, these artists presented wardrobe staples and accessories inspired by iconic art styles on fashion runways across the globe.

--Cubism. Particularly at Milan fashion week, and recurring at other top runway locations, early to mid-20th century aesthetics brought Cubist elements to fashion -- from full-length dresses to jackets to accessories. Cubism's art movement was created by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris, using the beauty of geometry and the art of the linear form for its telltale blocks and patterns, particularly in Picasso's signature black, gray and white/cream. Cubist fashion motifs incorporate multiple patterns and unique architectural shapes. Silhouettes this fall and winter are angled and polished, showing up in fitted shirts, sheer tights in black and white, sparkling shirts, abstract shirts, and in materials such as fur, rubber, leather, wool and felt. Karl Lagerfeld is just one of the designers sending Cubist fashions down the runway, with jacket-skirt combinations in subdued gray, taupe and scarlet.

--Manga and comic book art. On the runways, comic book art was present through a largely black and white palette with vibrant primary colors and comic book-inspired illustrations on shirts, dresses, scarves and other wardrobe elements, turning geek chic into high fashion.

--Art deco. With bolder colors and hard edges, plus points and chevrons in a modern twist of 1960s-era deco style, clothing is playful and retro. The Fashion Gone Rogue blog points to a fall/winter trend of 1960s Italian pop art, notably in the Valentino collections.

--Baroque. According to Charles Parsons Interiors, baroque fabrics are defined as "Ornate, swirling fleur de lis type imagery, also called a damask." This lustrous fabric style calls to the baroque era's iconic artistry with intricate patterns conveying a rich feel. This intricacy is illustrated beautifully in color pairings such as black and ivory, berry and white, pink and red, purple and gold, and other luxe combinations. Since icy pastels are a top color motif this season, baroque patterns may also appear in silver and light blue, white and silver, and various light purples.

--Arts and crafts. Cozy knit sweaters and comfy layers in soft fabrics and stripes, touchable fabrics and relaxed silhouettes, seen in spring and summer, continue with us into fall and winter. This category encompasses many styles of arts and crafts, including hand-woven fabrics and the standout trend of collage-effect accents or patterns on clothing, for the artsy-chic look (or, as some may call it, the Etsy-chic look.)

--Folk art. points to the allure of folk art as a top trend this fall and winter. "Beautiful embroideries, ethnic prints, rich earthy tones and a gorgeous play on texture are sure to turn this trend into an irresistible movement. This fall becomes all about mixing traditional motifs with modern silhouettes," say the style team, showing bold patterns, intricate, busy textures and vibrant colors on the runways.

Any art style can inspire your signature look for fall and winter. Just follow fashionista wisdom and wear one piece per ensemble for a more wearable look that shows off your impeccable style, and your impressive mastery of art-inspired fashion.

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