Top Color Trends For Men

By Sharon Naylor

September 25, 2014 4 min read

"This is a season of untypical colors -- more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, speaking of fashion's top hues for both men and women.

For the top color trends of fall and winter 2014-15, fashion reporters and Pantone say top designers are entranced by the beauty of the past (think the Baroque era and the 1960s), as well as the spirit of the present, expressing through color, fabric and style this season fashion looks inspired by artisan crafts, books, photography, exotic landscapes and even rock legends, such as David Bowie.

The men's fashion runways, according to the style experts at Men's Health, were filled with "tailored jackets, luxe sportswear layered and accessorized, skinny pants, and European-style twists on traditional American men's collections." So men's fashions for fall and winter will combine luxe fabrics with textured leather, artsy colorblocked designs and classic pieces such as camel-colored coats.

As far as color goes, Eiseman says trends have moved more into a unisex realm, with men's and women's top fashion colors sharing similar palette foundations. "This season's men's collections have also been inspired by a need to explore -- traveling back in time or into the unknown -- resulting in a more adventurous use of color, especially through combinations."

Here are the top men's fall/winter fashion colors as reported by Pantone:

--Berries and reds. Rich sangria, taking its name from the popular fruit-infused drink, is a deep red; aurora red pairs a rich red with a bit of a rust hue, adding "a sophisticated spark to any winter wardrobe."

--Neutrals. Eiseman suggests pairing aurora red or the bright, sunny (surprising for fall and winter!) misted yellow with "cognac, a tasteful brown, for a confident and high-profile look." Eiseman says misted yellow provides a "touch of optimism to cold weather ensembles" with its vibrant hue.

--Brights. The Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid, also brings a bright shade -- in this case a vibrant purple tone -- to liven up the neutral shades of fall and winter. Also in brights and a favorite for menswear this season is a rich cobalt blue for boldness and a "charismatic shade in everything from sportswear to shoes."

--Lights. Icy tones offer a softness in menswear hues, especially with the light purple color sea fog. Also in lights is aluminum, a rich silver shade that can be paired with almost all top menswear shades.

--Jewel tones. For deeper, richer shades expected in fall and winter wardrobes, look to the staples of royal blue and cypress green, a cozy shade of hunter green.

In addition to the announced men's fashion colors chosen by Pantone are shades that impressed on the men's fall/winter 2014-15 runways, including styled standouts in classic navy, burgundy and tan, plus eye-catching turquoise and magenta in clothing and men's accessories, such as jewelry, socks and eyeglasses.

One color that wowed on the runway and has also captured the attention of women's fashion and, notably, nail color is oxblood, an almost black red that combines a dramatic berry tone with the rocker-chic look that is one of the top fashion trends of the year.

The palette this fall and winter is definitely a draw from over 100 years of diverse historical and cultural inspiration, Eiseman says, with men enjoying a vast number of options in deep shades, brights, icy lights and standard neutrals for smart combinations that maximize a clothing budget and create trendy looks for daytime, the office, evening and more formal occasions.

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