Denim Do's And Don'ts

By Sharon Mosley

August 5, 2013 3 min read

Getting ripped may be the biggest trend in fashion right now, but that doesn't mean that holey jeans are necessarily the best bet for you. And then there are all those skinny jeans. Hmm, so much to choose from, so many ways to make mistakes, right? We all know about "muffin tops" and "mom jeans" now.

Here are some do's and don'ts to think about when you go to buy the newest denim this fall:

--Do relax. The more we wash our favorite jeans the better they get. But now you can get "instant" comfort, as denim manufacturers churn out jeanswear that's already soft and aged. Yes, and you can buy distressed jeans that already have rips and tears. They look as if you've owned them for years. Just make sure that all these holes are in the right places.

--Don't be afraid to wear denim from head to toe. This used to be a big fashion no-no, but in recent years, designers have been putting denim pieces -- for example, vests, jackets and shirts -- all together. Now it's cool to wear denim patchwork pencil skirts with chambray shirts and jean jackets.

--Do wear your jeans to work. The newest dark denim makes the perfect addition to a professional wardrobe. Choose tailored trench coats, trousers and dresses, and team them with other structured pieces. Add ladylike accessories, such as high heels and a clutch, for a more polished look.

--Don't be afraid to experiment. With all the new denim pieces popping up this fall, it's time to break out of the same ol' jeans routine and check out some new looks. Try wearing a sleeveless denim vest on its own, or dress up a pair of denim shorts with tights and boots. Wear a pair of frayed denim jeans with a glamorous leather jacket and pearls.

--Do find the perfect cut. There are roomy "boyfriend jeans," slim skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans, full-leg jeans and super-straight jeans. So how do you pick the right fit for you? Well, you may have to try on lots of jeans. And seeing as there are so many options out there -- not to mention colors and finishes -- you may want a different pair of jeans for several occasions: a pair of dark washed indigo jean trousers for work, a distressed pair for the weekend, a pair of cropped jeans to wear with ankle boots, and perhaps an embellished pair for dressy events.

--Don't forget color. Blue may be de rigueur for denim, but the colored jeans of the past few years have invaded many fashionistas' wardrobes. Think deeper greens, blues and reds for this fall, and mix in colored denim for even more fashion jeanius.

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