By Sharon Mosley

August 5, 2013 3 min read

Up the wow factor. All it requires is adding some dramatic accessories to your wardrobe this fall.

Accessories add drama. "One of the best and most affordable ways to add color is through accessories," says Kendra Scott, designer of Kendra Scott Jewelry. "Rather than buying clothing in every trending color for the season, invest in jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories that you can pair with your staples. This helps to stretch your wardrobe and keeps it timeless."

Here's a list of the extras that will update your wardrobe this fall:

--Statement satchels. It's all about structure this season. Fall's tailored totes, many inspired by the '60s, are all about fun. Stash your stuff in a satchel that's big on color and all squared off or rounded out in luxe leather.

--Sculptural clutches. The clutch has been a favorite "go-to" for a few years now, but this fall, you'll see these chic classics turned into works of art. Look for colorful, abstract designs to make your outfit special.

--Top-handled bags. Personally, I prefer shoulder straps on my handbags, but the top-handle bags seem like they are here to stay. In small structured shapes, they may come in handy on days when you don't have to lug around your iPad.

--The ankle boots. Another fall must-have from combat-inspired lace-ups to menswear Beatle boots, the ankle boot is updated with a stacked heel and rises just above the ankle. This boot is perfect to wear with bare legs and knee-length skirts or cropped trousers.

--The over-the-knee boot. A popular boot that adds lots of personality to your fall and winter skirts. In python, you'll really turn heads. Wear these with your skirts, and don't be afraid to show a little skin between your boots and your skirt.

--Pointed-toe shoes. In flats and heels, the pointed toe has returned to offer an alternative to all the rounded toes of seasons past. The newest shoes and boots are embellished with metallic cap toes for even more punch.

--Crocheted beanies. These aren't just any beanies, baby. These new toppers are a little over the top, making a statement in oversized chunky knits. Fedoras and large-brimmed felt hats are also turning up a la '70s style.

--Heavy metal. It may be fashion's fascination with the funky punk influence, but the motorcycle gang is back with a vengeance. Check out all the leather accessories spiked with metal, from necklaces and earrings to belts, handbags and boots.

--Pearls, please. It's a reflection of fashion's grunge vs. glamour theme. Pearls have returned, but they are spiced up with logos, flowers and gemstones. These are not your grandmother's pearls, girls.

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