Moody Blues

By Sharon Mosley

August 5, 2013 3 min read

You may have been a resident of the Emerald City this year, wearing the hottest color of 2013. However, blue hues have been spotted on the fashion horizon and are fast becoming fall's favorite go-to colors. This does not mean the end of emerald completely; don't be afraid to match those multi-faceted greens with these seafaring blues. Mixing is just one of the ways you can add some freshness to your wardrobe for the upcoming fashion season. Here are a couple others.

--Contemplate blue hues. "Blue is a very meditative color," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the color authority who comes up with the top colors for fashion and home design every season. Mykonos blue is Pantone's pick this fall, and "who doesn't want to go to Mykonos for vacation," adds Eiseman. This particular blue, named for the sea blue waters of the famous Greek island, has deep teal undertones and a very Zen-like spa quality, says Eiseman.

--Make it bold. Fashion designers are utilizing a myriad of shades of the color this fall, from teal blues to bolder cobalts. Designer Marcia Patmos favors cobalt blue. "There is a vibrancy and starkness that looks modern and is also very easy to wear and mix with other colors," she says. She pairs blue with dark neutrals like black and charcoal. Her peacock blues play off greens like citron, olive and army green with accents like cognac and rust. Consider adding a pop of persimmon orange to liven up the whole outfit.

--Go for classic prep. Tommy Hilfiger, king of preppy style, likes to combine blue with his classic red. Navy blazers are teamed with a palette of earth-toned neutrals like toasty camels and browns. "Deep navy is a preppy staple that looks good on everyone," he says.

--Gray is anything but boring. Another timeless pairing is blue and gray. While that might sound like a miniseries on the Civil War, blue and gray have been keeping company long before it was fashionable for the military. The neutral shade is one of fall's favorites, and it blends in perfectly with any shade of blue.

--Impress with purple. The royal color is another popular pairing with the season's wave of blues. One of the richest color combinations, purple and blue works just as well in wear-to-work suits as it does in jeans and sweaters.

--Blue, white and black. This very sophisticated palette is a great way to up the color power of bold black and add a fresh touch to everything from sporty colorblocked tops and dresses to high heels and clutch handbags.

--Mix it with green. As I said before, this blend is a recipe for success. It is a natural evolution to mix your new blue pieces with your green from earlier in the year. It's a fresh statement and will put you a step ahead of the fashion pack -- even if you're not lounging on the beach in Mykonos.

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