Supersize Me!

By Sharon Mosley

August 5, 2013 3 min read

Turn up the volume. That's the message for fall fashion. The newest silhouettes are making a big statement. Yes, bigger is better. But how do you pull it off without getting a little overwhelmed?

Here are some tips to make it all work.

--First of all, keep it simple. It's all about proportion. If you are a petite, you will not be able to pull off some of these "supersize" looks. But you can scale them down. Balance is key. If you wear fuller, boxier pieces on top, keep it slim on the bottom and vice versa.

--Nip in the waist. One great example of the new volume is great coats this fall, but don't let all that fabric go to your hips or thighs or, well, you get the picture. Instead of suiting up in a long, oversize jacket, consider opting for more of a flared coat, which is a big trend this fall. Remember to wear something formfitting underneath, such as a turtleneck sweater and a slim pair of pants.

--Go long, not longer. If a floor-length skirt drags you down, consider wearing a shorter version that falls midcalf. Elevate the head-to-toe silhouette with higher heels.

--Slim up slouchy -- Pajama dressing may be the cat's meow this fall, but you don't have to pretend that you're ready to hit the sack to still stay on the fashionable side. Stick to drawstring waists, menswear-inspired robes and button-front silk tops. Think comfortable but structured and silky.

--Lose the bulk. Make sure you choose fabrics that move with you and drape over all the right places. Stiff, bulky fabrics are not your friend when it comes to the new supersize fashions. Soft, stretchy fabrics work well and are much more comfortable, too.

--Pay attention to pattern and print. Colorblocking is still a big trend this fall, but when done in large swaths of fabric, it can be tricky. Stick to bits of bright color here and there, and steer clear of huge, eye-popping prints.

--Tone down the color. Darker, tonal colors are much more flattering when we're talking volume. Think sophisticated neutral solids like gray, brown and navy. And of course, black is always a flattering choice.

--Go easy on the accessories. When wearing fall's new oversize shapes, you need to pare down the accessories. Leave off the big earrings, the big bag and the big necklace. You'll have enough drama going on as it is.

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