Top Trends In Fall Jewelry

By Sharon Naylor

July 19, 2012 6 min read

Just as fall fashion shifts in color and texture away from the trends of spring and summer, so too does jewelry. With bold patterns and shiny fabrics, plus the still-going-strong trend of neons that will last into the cooler months, jewelry choices have taken on more shine than sparkle, and there's room for both thick and thin in the world of bracelets. Here are the top trends in fall jewelry choices and wearing styles:

--Bracelets. "I like to stack less skinny pieces in the fall," says Jennifer Fisher, celebrity jewelry designer and founder of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. Bold, chunky bracelets are in, worn solo or stacked in different designs that work together in material type, coordinating colors and patterns. Fisher says that one large statement cuff can be paired with a few large stacking pieces. "I designed my fall collections with that in mind, as it is harder to wear bangles in the fall because of longer sleeves and knits. I think one to three key stacking statement pieces look much cleaner with the heavy silhouettes."

Wooden bracelets are also a top choice for fall, providing a natural look and feel to a single bracelet or stacked bangles, and Lauren Gonnelli -- jewelry stylist at Love & Luck, Lauren -- says that bracelets made of enamel are also hot for fall.

--Rings. "I prefer larger statement rings in the fall because you can see them!" says Fisher. Look for oversize ring accents such as a large metal flower design that extends over three fingers, double-finger rings, and rings emblazoned with skull motifs. Skulls and studs are still in from summer, as well, in full style as ring top accents and motifs on the sides of rings.

Gonnelli says that long shield rings are in, composed of large metallic or enamel ovals that extend from knuckle to knuckle, covering more of the finger and hinting at tribal style while also covering high fashion in its drama and color. Metallics look more high fashion, and colorful enamel shield rings are more playful for daytime.

--Necklaces. Necklaces remain big and bold, with bib necklaces expanding across the chest. This fall, you'll see large beads with shine lined up in dramatic statement pieces of five to eight layers, chunky bib necklaces with rocklike beads, clear glass oversize beads in rich jewel tones, and of course bronzes, coppers and silvers.

--Earrings. Statement earrings have gone much smaller, with stud earrings being the in look, perhaps to let a statement necklace own the spotlight.

--Metals and materials. "We are trending toward white gold-plated brass and silver pieces this fall away from the rose gold trends of this summer," says Fisher.

Brass is especially trendy this fall, since it's not an expensive material for the masses to afford, and it provides that burnished hue that coordinates so well with this fall's rich chocolate tones, bronzes, and other brown neutrals. As a neutral itself, bronze can be worn with the fall-popular neon skinny jeans and bright tops, as well. And bronze accents worn with an all-black outfit provides a chic touch of color without too much contrast.

Veronica Sagherian, owner of Adamas Fine Jewelry, says that prestigious jewelry collection shows feature oxidized silver, which is a burnished patina with a dulled shine, in all jewelry types.

Jewelry moves now, says Gonnelli, who suggests '70s-style moveable geometric-shaped jewelry, especially in statement rings and extending into bracelets, allowing you to stack both circular bracelets with square ones for more visual appeal.

Fashionistas are more socially conscious now than ever before, so there is a great demand for fair trade jewelry. When fair trade accessories first came onto the scene, they had a natural look called "primitive" by fashion bloggers. Now, fair trade jewelry is bright, colorful, chic and stylish. At, jewelry made by artisans from Bolivia, Ecuador, South Africa and other exotic locales is trending upward. From bib necklaces made of ethically sourced stones to copper cuffs made from copper mined according to strict regulations, fair trade jewelry is in demand for its location DNA as well as its look. There's a pride in knowing your jewelry hasn't hurt the earth, and fall trends are filled with fair trade jewelry choices. Check to find retailers whose jewelry is sourced only from ethically mined locations.

Also in the eco-friendly mindset this fall is jewelry made from recycled glass, polished and tumbled into rounded edges, with eye-catching colors and clarity.

Tribal styles are still in, allowing you to wear some of your tribal-style jewelry from summer, pairing them with the bold animal prints of fall fashion. Look for deep, rich colors, persimmon hues, tribal line drawing motifs, cast feathers, leaves and horns, and small dreamcatchers on necklaces. Suedette cords provide a natural, tribal feel.

--Color palettes. Fall 2012 jewelry is awash in dusty rose, nude, white, cream and especially a light turquoise color, plus milky white stones paired with white steel and polished metal accents. And of course, brass and oxidized silver tie your jewelry look together, even with a pop of neon here and there.

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