Fashionable Game-day Attire

By Sharon Naylor

July 19, 2012 5 min read

Fall and winter are football season, which means tailgate parties, watching the game at the stadium, going to sports bars or watching the big game at a friend's house. Show your team spirit, and perhaps attract those single men at the party or bar, by wearing the perfect NFL logo T-shirt or team jersey.

"When I wear a jersey to a sports bar, more men approach me, since they have a natural opening line talking about my being a fan of that particular player," says NFL fan Alicia Garrett. "When I just wear a regular shirt, there's definitely less attention. So I tell my friends to wear sports-themed shirts if they want to meet guys at the sports bar."

Dating prospects aside, it's simply fun to show your team spirit at the game or party by wearing a team shirt or jersey. You're dressed for the occasion, in the spirit of the game and fitting in with other team-shirt-wearing attendees.

The key word is fit. Wearing a team logo shirt that's designed for women, with a slight curve at the waist, is far more flattering than wearing an oversized, shapeless sports tee or jersey that hangs straight down, making you look square and adding pounds to your frame.

Even if you're plus-sized, your team shirt should have a waist-showing silhouette to make you look and feel your best. Ladies'-style shirts come in both fitted waist and straight lines, so try on both to find the look that works for you. You might discover that buying a fitted-waist shirt in a size or two larger than you normally wear gives you a better shape in your shirt, without being too tight and showing off any muffin top or bra bulges.

Remember, at all of these football events, you'll be seen from all angles, especially when the back of your shirt has a logo, number, name or saying. It's the No. 1 team shirt selection mistake to go too tight, resulting in unsightly bulges and also in an unwanted see-through effect from fabric that's stretched too tightly across your body.

Fashion stylists say that even with a T-shirt, comfort is key, and when you're comfortable in your team shirt, you'll automatically be more confident, projecting your personality to others in your group. You won't be awkwardly pulling your shirt down whenever anyone wants to take a group photo, and you won't be the square-looking person in those Facebooked photos from your group trip to the game.

Men's shirts are designed to show off the square shape of a man's chest, so picking a men's shirt for yourself will not give you a feminine shape. The top NFL jersey and shirt shops, such as and, as well as collegiate stores and online shops for college team T-shirts, provide entire women's collections of shirts and jerseys, so be sure to shop from lines that are made for the female body. At, you'll see the Touch by Alyssa Milano collection of NFL shirts in colorful styles and feminine flairs to team logos.

Women's shirts not only curve in to show off a waist, they're also roomier on top to show off your bustline, and they're cut to a flattering hip level that provides comfortable movement, camouflages a tummy and elongates your legs. A super-long shirt extending to your mid-thigh level shortens your legs and can make a stomach more prominent.

*Top Fabrics

Look for 100 percent combed ringspun cotton or knitted fine cotton in a sports logo T-shirt. Cotton/poly blends can also flatter, but pure polyester can be less flattering and less comfortable, especially on a warm fall day at the stadium, or in a crowded sports bar.

Look also for quality construction. Read reviews online to see whether there are large numbers of complaints about rippled edges from bad sewing, shirts that fall apart or shrink after one wearing, thin screenprinting of logos that fades or peels or too-tight bottom edges.

*How To Wear Team Shirts Best

Once you've chosen your ideal shirt color, logo and saying -- whether it's a team logo shirt, player shirt or one you've custom-designed with your own numbers or PDF logo -- it's time to wear it well.

For indoor events, you might wear the shirt or jersey on its own -- of course, with a camisole under a mesh jersey. If you'd like to show off your abs, tie the bottom of your shirt at the waist.

For outdoor events in cold weather, your cute T-shirt can be layered with other tees or worn under a team-logo hoodie. Layering is a big trend this fall, so you'll be right in style with your two pieces, and layering options keep you comfortable in your shirt in early afternoon and then warmer with your hoodie when the sun goes down.

Indoors or out, at a party or on the couch with your friends, you'll stand out with your team spirit style.

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