Wardrobe Transition

By Ginny Frizzi

July 19, 2010 4 min read

One of the biggest wardrobe challenges most people face is how to transition their summer clothing into fall. When the weather remains warm into October, for example, lighter clothing is still useful, but summer colors are not. According to fashion experts, accessories -- which can include scarves, jewelry, hose and handbags -- are a simple and inexpensive way to take summer clothing into autumn. Lamont Jones, editor-in-chief of The Style Arbiter, recommends women consider the popular fall colors when buying accessories or season-spanning pieces of clothing. "Jewelry is more organic this fall and ranges from wood into metallics, including bronze, yellow, gold and copper. Metallics are very important," Jones says. "Stones are also important in jewelry." It's also a good idea to purchase a few accessories in this fall's popular colors. "Something in red will really make an outfit pop," Jones says. Stylist Jennifer Margolin adds that "scarves are a great way to transition from summer to fall. They are an easy way to add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit, as well as to keep you warm in the chilly fall months." Starting with the clothing you already own also is recommended by celebrity stylist Colin Megaro, known for the concept of "shopping in your closet." This approach involves looking at what you have and "reinventing older pieces to stay fresh for each season." Layering is another way to go. Style consultant and author Sherrie Mathieson offers several suggestions in this area: "Try wearing a short sweater, ending just below the bust line, while allowing the undergarment, a tank top or long shirt, to remain long, usually to the hip line. Or use a long simple sweater to gently layer over a long-sleeve T-shirt. A lightweight nylon -- or other light fabric -- anorak-, trench-, safari- or military-style jacket is usually a useful substitute for long sweaters, especially over leggings, perhaps worn with boots in the fall." Margolin agrees, using the example of a favorite sundress that you don't want to give up in the fall. Her solution? "Add a fitted long-sleeve T-shirt underneath the dress. Pair it with a classic jean jacket or blazer and add a scarf and you have taken your summer dress into fall," she says. Megaro is another fan of layering. He recommends layering tops of different necklines or lengths while avoiding unnecessary bulk. "Make sure the first layer is the one that's most fitted to your body," he says. "Define your waist with a belt or by tying a sash over your top layer." Margolin has an additional tip for increasing summer-to-fall dressing. "Another great trick is to wear tights with your summer dresses to bring them into the fall season," she says. Men can use similar techniques when bringing their summer wardrobes into fall. Mathieson suggests adding a lightweight navy or dark gray crew-neck sweater. "It looks masculine and looks great, even just thrown over the shoulders with jeans or chinos over your polos or shirts," she says. "Wear a lightweight wool scarf, chicly knotted around the neck, and tuck it into your sport jacket. And consider a lightweight khaki-green -- goes with everything -- Barbour-type jacket in oilcloth or quilted cotton." Men shouldn't underestimate the usefulness of a lightweight blazer for fall, according to Jones. "Also, dark shoes in navy or black can freshen the look of a suit," he says. Even something as simple as a pocket square can be used to help a wardrobe span the seasons. "A pocket square in a brocade or autumn-friendly colors is season-appropriate," Jones says. Megaro has a final suggestion for both sexes: Shop smartly and get the most from your wardrobe budget. "If there are items that you need to purchase, be smart and strategic about it. Look for the best deals. At the end of the day, style is not about a label; it is about feeling great about what you are wearing," he says.COPYRIGHT 2010 CREATORS.COM

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