Purple Reign

By Sharon Mosley

July 18, 2008 3 min read


Versatile shade lends a regal look to fall

By Sharon Mosley

Creators News Service

Purple is getting the royal treatment by fashion designers this fall. The mystical color that is a combination of red and blue conjures up creative mixes of regal hues that will definitely put the passion for purple back into our wardrobes.

From beautiful Bordeaux to imperial orchids, purple takes on more power with the cool of blue and the heat of red to please anyone's stylish color choice. Think royal, yes, with a little bit of rock 'n roll.

"There are those wonderful deep plummy tones, like aubergine (eggplant) that are classics," says Leatrice Eiseman, color expert and author of "More Alive with Color." "They are a great alternative to brown, black or gray. These colors are so classic that they work for everyone as they are a beautiful backdrop or accessory color to many other shades, especially other members of the purple family, as well as pinks."

Fashion designers that followed the purple pack for fall used the color in all its splendor. Wichy Hassan at Miss Sixty channels Janis Joplin and chose a rich, vintage-inspired deep purple for his collection. At Cynthia Steffe, Bordeaux was anchored by black and cream. Elie Tahri mixed purple with blues and deep greens inspired by gemstones. Betsey Johnson shocked purple with puce. And at Y&Kei, burgundy wine was teamed up mineral red.

So with all the purple possibilities out there on the store racks for fall, what purple will please you most?

According to Eiseman, for people with cool coloring -- those with very dark hair or very fair-skinned cool blondes or auburn haired -- the purples that have a blue undertone are best.

"That would be more of the jewel tones like amethyst," she says. "The warmer skin tones with golden or honeyed skin and warm brown, blonde or coppery red hair look fabulous in the warmer or redder purples -- like a hotter magenta."

And for the rest of us, "There are those people in between, who often have streaks of varying shades in their hair color, changeable hazel eyes and a balanced skin tone of both warm and cool," she says. "They look best in more subtle undertones of purple."

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