Out Of The Planter

By Kristen Castillo

August 1, 2017 4 min read

Houseplants are perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. But displaying those plants isn't limited to doing so in boring, basic pots. Get creative and find fun ways to showcase your greenery.

"Displaying indoor plants can seem like a daunting task, but it can be really easy," says Bonny Ford, editor of the FurnishMyWay blog, an interior design, fashion, art and lifestyle blog.

*Mismatched Style

Gather your existing pots and don't worry if they're different shapes, sizes or colors.

"Mismatched pots look great when they're placed on a simple table," says Ford, who suggests using pots of different heights for an interesting look. "Let the plants and pots do the talking within your decor."

If you want to streamline your uncoordinated pots, try painting them a unifying color.

*Look Up!

Hang plants around your home to make the space feel cozy and in touch with nature. Plus, by hanging them, you'll save valuable desk and counter space.

Remember those macrame plant hangers from the '70s? Well, they're back with a modern makeover.

Craft your own or buy macrame hangers, which are sturdy and stylish. These hangers are available in a wide variety or colors and fabrics and can be enhanced with beads, ribbons and other embellishments.

*Perfect Pairs

Have a hanging shoe organizer with pouches? If not, buy one at a discount or dollar store. Then cut a few drainage holes in each pouch, fill it with potting soil and seeds for herbs and be sure to mark or tag it so you know what's growing.

"Keep in mind your herbs will need plenty of sunlight, or exposure to a fluorescent light bulb if located inside," says Kristen Olson and the garden team at Gilmour, a watering tools company.

Water each pouch until it's moist, but don't overwater or your plants could rot. Place a tray below the shoe organizer to catch drips.


Give your houseplant display some depth by using on a variety of surfaces for a high-low effect, like a mantle, on books or a tall-tiered plant stand. Ford calls this look "floating shelves." This stacked style wows.

"It gets them up off the floor so they can be seen better," she says.

Display pots on a traditional bookshelf or on an opening shelving unit. Ivy plants, for example, look great flowing down the shelves.

Crates are another option, allowing flexibility to stash plants bunched together or separately in a variety of cubes.

*Vintage Style

Repurpose household items as new plant stands. For example, fill old rain boots or vintage watering buckets with plants.

Even mismatched teacups and teapots make fancy, yet bohemian planters.

The basket of an old bike is a cool place to grow plants, too. Olson says this look can "make a statement" when done well. She advises lining the basket with moss and making sure it allows for drainage.

*Pretty Planters

Use your imagination to find functional and fabulous ways to show off your plants:

--Hang a trellis or extra fencing on a wall for an interesting backdrop for houseplants to climb. Then nail pots or shelves for pots on the trellis and plant your best greenery.

--A staircase is another sophisticated way to showcase plants, especially if the stair slats are open so plant visibility is heightened.

--Bathrooms are ideal spaces for plants, too. They'll love the moisture and they'll reflect in the bathroom mirror. Don't overdo it, though. A little greenery goes a long way.

--Stage your plants in a variety of pots on a wheeled bar cart. Then you can move your indoor garden around your place whenever you want.

--Use a tiered cake stand to give your houseplants lots of height and flair.

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