By Katie Ransom

September 19, 2014 5 min read

Food. It's something everyone needs to survive. Learning to cook is challenging, especially since sharing your food photos has come into vogue. The Internet provides a constant flow of foodporn against which you can judge your own creations. Many proud kitchen accomplishments are put to shame by the images your friends, family and local eateries share. There is, however, an upside to the food-posting movement. There are many chefs who are willing to "spill the beans" and give you the inside tips to creating your own Internet-worthy food creations.

One of my favorite places to turn for cooking inspiration and guidance is Instagram. There are countless accounts devoted to sharing recipes, inspiring health and giving hands-on cooking tutorials. You can also search an ingredient to find recipes and photos of how that food can be transformed! If you want to improve your skills in the kitchen, especially your plating, here are a few must-follow Instagram accounts that will have you cooking up a storm, or maybe just enjoying the view.

1) @smittenkitchen

Deb Perelman, a 30-something New York mom has a way with food and photography. She has a passion for cooking that is contagious. Her audience is constantly asking questions, and any viewer can benefit from the answers. Her recipes range from healthy lentil and potato salad to decadent tarts and raspberry-swirled cheesecake. Deb couples her mouthwatering photos with a charming wit that makes her posts that much more enjoyable.


Do you enjoy a glass of wine before cooking? I know I do. PUNCH is an online magazine that shares written and visual narratives about wine, spirits and cocktails. Their Instagram account not only posts fabulous photos and recipes but also gives you the cocktail's history and some cultural information. They entice you to follow with compelling visual storytelling and keep you coming back for the ... well, booze.

3) @fatandfuriousburger

You may need to get out your French-English dictionary, because the ingredients and comments are in French. But this account definitely deserves your attention. They transform burgers from a meat, lettuce and tomato sandwich, into a story. They focus on the ingredients, and with a little help from Photoshop, create a stunning photo that matches the source and essence of each meal. There are steak, shrimp, chicken, veggie and mushroom burgers. Every-kind-of-topping-you-can-imagine burgers. And each one is given its mouth-watering moment in the sun.

4) @SavourSchool

If you love chocolate and want to see it transform, you must follow chef and director of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, Kirsten Tibballs. Her decadent treats run the gamut from traditional pastries, such as chocolate eclairs, to fantastical chocolate eggs, mushrooms and flowers that burst with color and life. Also remarkable is how she transforms the texture of the chocolate. At times it is as smooth as glass, shimmering and slick, and at others rough and chunky like alligator scales. This account restores your imagination and brings to life that already magical treat, chocolate!

5) @leesamantha

Do you like to play with your food? Do you have kids who like to play with their food? Malaysian mommy Samantha Lee has taken food art the next level with her food recreations of famous characters and places. From Snoopy to Hermione Granger, her food creations will amaze. While this account is not really something that you can recreate, since each photo takes nearly an hour and a half to create, it is definitely worth checking out for the artistic value. So what is her motivation for spending so much time to create this amazing food? She says it simply: "I cook. I shoot. Kids eat."

While there are many, many, many amazing foodie accounts on Instagram, this is my list of true food artists. I hope these talented and passionate cooks inspire you to create some crazy-delicious food photos of your own.

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