Well-being At Work

By Jeanelle D. Horcasitas

June 15, 2017 5 min read

Achieving the perfect life-work balance is tough. Fortunately, employers are beginning to understand the influence they have on providing their employees with a happier and healthier lifestyle. For example, some employers have on-site gyms to allow their employees to work out, or some may have a "quiet room," or space where their employees can take time to read, meditate, relax or even enjoy a quick nap. There are even companies that offer shuttle transportation services for their employees, which is both great for the employee and the environment. Companies that offer these perks make for an appealing place to work and encourage a culture of support and well-being. But how can you convince your employer to consider offering some of these perks? Here are a few tips to help you argue the case for improving your company's culture.

*Employee Satisfaction

One of the best ways to get an idea about what people want in your company is to develop a satisfaction survey. Although surveys are not always fun, they are definitely effective in gathering the necessary data. Additionally, employees will hopefully want to share their ideas about the changes and improvements they would like to see. Sometimes people can feel a little hesitant when offering their opinion, therefore, I would advise making it anonymous to ensure confidentiality. You will also be able to receive the most honest answers and concerns this way. The satisfaction survey does not have to be comprehensive either, it can be very simple with questions asking about how they would rate their satisfaction with the company's current culture and then a follow-up question about what they would want to see implemented in the future. If you are worried you will not get detailed answers, you can guide the answer by offering examples such as a gym, cafeteria, etc.

*Start Planning and Getting Connected

Once you have received all of the surveys, choose the most requested items and begin to research how you can bring them to life at your company. Additionally, think about how feasible they are and if it will require a certain budget to make it happen. However, for items such as discounts for the gym or other services, you can begin by reaching out to the community and inquiring about what type of corporate discounts they offer or if they are willing to negotiate with you for one. If your request requires more development and planning, it may be worth it to hire an outside consultant to help you think about the design and timeline of getting the project completed. Beginning this process is extremely important because it demonstrates to your employees that you care about them and want to improve their work-life balance. Thus, keeping your employees in the loop through the entire process helps them to feel included in the decision-making process and enhances company morale.

*In the Interim

Although some of these larger-scale ideas may sound amazing, they often take a lot of time. This may be an issue for employees who have perhaps grown a bit impatient waiting for these things to come along for years. Therefore, to alleviate some pushback from employees when the projects have a longer timeline, it is best to offer small services in the interim so that they feel their needs are still being met on some level. For example, if you are planning to develop an on-site gym that will not be ready for a year or longer, perhaps create a softball team for your company to join, or even a running group so that they can still feel involved in some sort of activity. Another possibility for those who would like a space to meditate or relax is to create a scheduled time to take a break to walk together and get some fresh air. Or perhaps offer a weekly stretch session with employees to help them with energy and posture, especially if they are sitting for the majority of the day. These are all very helpful in promoting well-being for a company, and are great alternatives when a larger project may take more time to complete.

Therefore, if you would like to see some positive changes with your company, consider using some of these tips to get you started. Remind your company about all of the benefits of having happy and healthy employees that will produce great work and the importance of getting started right away!

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