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By Tawny Maya McCray

July 21, 2014 4 min read

Some of the most in-demand tech jobs can earn a prospective employee a six-figure salary with only a degree from an accredited tech school.

According to an article from U.S. News & World Report, there are 11 hot tech jobs this year, with salaries ranging from $59,000 for a computer support specialist who identifies computer issues and addresses them quickly and efficiently, to $120,000 to work as an IT manager, guiding companies to match modern technology to their business structure, needs and goals. The expected job openings for those jobs include 123,000 slots for computer support specialists and 51,000 IT managers.

The other in-demand jobs and their potential earnings, according to the same article, include $90,000 for a software developer, a person who designs, tests, maintains and improves applications and operating-system software; $79,000 for a computer systems analyst, more than a quarter of whom work for computer systems design firms, but new positions should open in science, health care, banking and finance; $62,000 for a Web developer, a person responsible for the design, navigation and functions of your favorite websites; $86,000 for an information security analyst, a person tasked with staying ahead of cyberattacks and keeping company data and systems secure -- they focus on risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and defense planning to prevent company or government data from being breached; $77,000 for a database administrator, someone who learns analysis and design skills on the job and builds business databases to specifications; $79,000 for a civil engineer, a person responsible for infrastructure such as highways, tunnels, rail systems, airports, water supply systems and sewage systems; $80,000 for a mechanical engineer, someone who uses research, design, building and testing skills to produce safe and quality machine-driven products; and $74,000 for a computer programmer, a linguist of technology who creates software to run computers.

The expected job openings for those jobs include 140,000 for software developers, 127,000 for computer systems analysts -- the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 24.5 percent growth for these positions by 2022, 28,000 for web developers and computer programmers, 27,000 for information security analysts, 18,000 for database administrators, 53,000 for civil engineers, 11,000 for mechanical engineers and 43,000 for computer systems administrators.

Nicole Elam, a vice president for ITT Technical Institute, a technology-focused institute that offers associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in roughly 52 fields of study, says ITT's core tech programs of study include associate degrees in network systems administration, electrical engineering technology and drafting and design.

"The vast majority of our programs of study are fields where job growth is projected to exceed the national average," she says.

Elam says the associate degree programs take 84 weeks to complete and cost about $46,000. She added that a large number of students are able to get scholarships to attend ITT Tech, which can help lower the cost by more than $20,000.

"The total expected average net cost of an associate degree for current students is in the range of $20,000-$25,000, after grants and scholarships," she says. "The average debt of current associate degree graduates is approximately $23,000."

There are more than 135 ITT Tech campuses in 38 states in the United States and more than 55,000 students currently enrolled.

Paul Groves, a 2010 graduate of ITT Tech, is quoted on its website about his time at the school: "My experience at ITT Tech, it was great. It's not just bookwork, it's hands on, which is exactly the way I learn."

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