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By Sharon Naylor

October 31, 2012 5 min read

The new wedding color palette has been announced in the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013, a comprehensive overview of fashion designers' use of color in their upcoming collections. The palette's mix of vibrant brights and soothing neutrals work together to create what the company calls "a harmonious balance."

Among the brights are the following colors:

--Poppy red. A deeper, richer red brings a radiant bold burst of color to wedding style, whether for fashion or decor color palettes, and lets the bride make a statement in spring. Pantone calls this shade seductive, sensual and celebratory."

--Emerald. Green is a hot color for spring, in this jewel-toned shade that has taken over for past seasons' preferences for soft, pale sage greens. Deeper greens provide a vivid backdrop to other bridal colors, and evokes a sense of spring -- yet in an eye-catching way. Color expert Leatrice Eiseman, spokeswoman for Pantone, says, "The big look for spring weddings will be in the interesting pastels, like the lightly minted greens." Greens are especially popular, says Eiseman, "Because, just as in nature, green goes with everything!" Wedding bloggers and journalists are raving about mint shades on the bridal fashion runways, giving you a slightly different shade of blue-green to consider.

--Lemon zest. Yellow is one of the leading colors this season, with a stronger, more vibrant shade than last spring's softer buttercup yellows.

--Monaco blue. More of a sapphire blue in a deep shade, blue is being shown on the fashion runways as the new black.

--Nectarine. Oranges remain hot this spring, with last season's "in" color, tangerine tango, softening a bit for a bright orange with more coral undertones.

Among the pastels are the following colors:

--Dusk blue. A softer shade of blue that some designers refer to as "beach glass," this soft shade paired with Monaco blue and lighter neutrals, such as ivory or linen shades, creates one of the most popular palettes today. It's a deeper blush blue, departing from sunnier Caribbean blues, for more romantic appeal.

--Tender shoots. This yellow-green shade coordinates with emerald and again pairs with other hot spring colors in a more traditional spring-like shade.

--African violet. A softer purple, this shade is either mixed with soft neutrals or boldly paired with a bright. Pantone calls this shade an "exotic statement color."

--Grayed jade. A subtle green with gray undertones, this shade plays a part in green's position as a top color for spring weddings.

--Linen. A light and lovely neutral, linen will play a part in wedding palettes as the shade that allows other shades to pop or blend together more beautifully. Pantone calls this color "airy" and offers a pairing of this shade with grayed jade or dusk blue as a possibility for a softer color blend.

*How the Top Spring Colors Are Being Used

These colors are not just being utilized in florals and decor. More brides are looking at them for their wedding dress shades, with the nontraditional trends in wedding leading brides to wear, say, a dress in tender shoots as a romantic, feminine alternative to traditional bridal white.

These colors also factor heavily into shades worn by bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls, and colors like Monaco blue and dusk blue factor into the groom's choice of wardrobe and accessories, such as ties or even trendy pinstripes in a navy suit.

These colors may enter into a bride's planning for her flowers, with her dress being colored, linen-shaded or white, with the pop of poppy red, nectarine, lemon zest and other shades in her bouquet creating a stunning and on-trend look. Even the bride's jewelry may bring the top Pantone shades into play, whether vividly or in pastel form.

Invitations certainly will bring in the top shades of the season, in sensational shades of brights or mixes of the top pastels and neutrals, although invitation designers say vivid is the current top trend in invitations and print items.

There's not a place in weddings where color isn't a factor, even if it is that skin tone of linen. The bride is the artist of her day, using color to "paint" her personalized vision in so many aspects of her wedding day details, as well as her dream wedding gown.

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