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By Sharon Mosley

December 21, 2007 3 min read


Designer Edric Woo follows his passion for details

By Sharon Mosley

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It only took one glimpse into the life of German-born designer Karl Lagerfeld and a 14-year-old boy in Singapore knew what he had to do.

"I saw a documentary on Karl Lagerfeld," recalls Edric Woo, "and at that moment I knew that I wanted to be a designer. So I started to sketch and have never stopped sketching since then."

In 2006, JLM Couture, one of the largest bridal companies in the United States, named Woo as the head designer for their newest bridal line, Tara Keely.

Woo has had a colorful history of fashion design experiences starting with his studies at La Salle College of Arts in Singapore. After graduation, he served as head designer for the Singapore Armed Services where he created ornate costumes for the forces' drama troupe.

"It was such an experience for me in the Singapore Armed Forces," recalls the 36-year-old, who designed a wide variety of lavish costumes - from ethnic to contemporary - for both male and female entertainers to wear for traditional and even hip hop performances. "I think I got to be so creative that I became experienced in intricate details, shapes and styles."

This eye for detail led Woo to experiment with designing bridal dresses. After four years of creating costumes for the Armed Forces, he decided to open his own bridal salon in Singapore called Pure Bridal Link, where he crafted custom-made bridal and evening gowns. Woo also spent four years designing bridal wear for couture designer Richard Glascow.

"I have always loved making bridal dresses look fresh, modern, sexy and feminine," he says. "I get more satisfaction in creating a bridal dress than I do in creating sportswear."

His fresh approach to designing a contemporary bridal collection is not only inspired by his costume design background, but by the Paris couture houses of the 1940s and '50s.

"I love the intricate details from the past," he says. "The draping, the appliques, silhouettes, beadings and laces all have a meticulous elegance."

His latest Tara Keely dresses reflect the best of the past and the future, featuring clean lines that are embellished with delicate details that create a feminine, yet timeless, classic image.

Woo's fashion-forward gowns are attracting a new breed of brides. "Brides are very knowledgeable about fashion," he says. "I just try to transform my creative moments into a magic act where ideas and fabrics turn into something special, unique and unforgettable."

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