Band Or Dj?

By Jeanelle Horcasitas

January 31, 2017 4 min read

Everyone can agree that the best part of a wedding is all of the celebrating and partying that happens at the reception. These days, brides and grooms and even entire wedding parties often make quite a show of first dances. Whether it's a slow waltz that speeds up into a hip-hop routine or a 10-minute dance-off between the groom and his groomsmen, there have been plenty of videos surfacing on the internet. What all of them have in common is music. What sounds better? The digitized beats of a DJ or the strumming of a real guitar from a live band?

*Make It Live

A live band can be a great addition to a wedding party. Bands carry an aura of exclusivity; the feeling of having your own private concert will make the day even more memorable. There are plenty of bands that perform all types of musical genres, from '80s covers to reggae to rock and roll. Additionally, bands can perform cover songs at the request of the wedding attendees or newly wedded couple. This can mix up the set list and provide some musical enjoyment for everyone. Unfortunately, hiring a band can be quite costly. In fact, according to The Knot and's annual Real Weddings Study, the average cost for a band at a wedding reception is $3,084. Therefore, choosing a live band to perform at your wedding may be a deal breaker when it comes to budgeting and costs. But this does not mean it is impossible! If you and your partner are open to the idea, check out local bands or ask friends and family if they know of a group interested in performing. You can hold an audition or see if they're playing somewhere nearby, and if you like them, ask if they are willing to negotiate. Although this may take a bit more research and work, it could save on costs and you can have the live band you always dreamed of at your wedding.

*Go DJ, That's My DJ

One of the top choices for wedding reception entertainment is a DJ. If you choose the right one, they'll know how to spice up the party with some amazing mixes. The best part is that you and your partner can submit a list of songs that you specifically want played at your wedding. Another plus to hiring a DJ for your wedding is the cost. Compared to the cost of a live band, hiring a DJ is extremely affordable. The Real Wedding Study reports that the average cost for a DJ is $988. Therefore, if you're looking for entertainment that won't break the bank, hiring a DJ is the perfect solution. Moreover, finding a DJ has never been easier. There are plenty of people, young and old, who perform at parties, nightclubs, restaurants and even gyms. Similar to choosing a live band, finding a DJ will require a bit of research. Many DJs have pages on websites like SoundCloud where they share their mixes and you can listen instantaneously. So if you like what you hear, you can make the decision right then and there. Whether you're looking to play some Top 40, jazz, techno or hip-hop, a DJ will deliver and keep your guests dancing all night long.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can try to incorporate both a DJ and live band. However, having both will raise the price. Overall, the choice is entirely up to you and your partner. Whether you enjoy the sounds of live instruments or the digital sounds of a mixer board -- they both can bring the party to your special day.

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