Planning Pitfalls

By Kristen Castillo

February 1, 2016 4 min read

You only get one shot to plan and execute your wedding so don't want to make any mistakes that could waste your time, money or energy. Nothing should jeopardize the success of your big day.

"If you are planning your wedding, you can try to stay clear of avoidable mistakes by just enjoying the process and being grateful," says wedding expert Racquel Kristi of PopBliss pop-up wedding celebrations. "Not everyone gets to celebrate love and get married but you can, so think of it as a gift!

"Remember it's not just about that special moment down the aisle ... you and your fiance are what is special about that moment, so take care of yourselves."

Krystel Tien, owner of Couture Events and Elle Bridal Boutique, advises couples not to sweat the small stuff.

"At the end of the day, if you are married, you have had a successful wedding day," Tien says. "Once you start letting the little details bother you, you are not focusing on what really matters, and that is that you are marrying the love of your life.

So what wedding mistakes should you avoid? Read on as wedding coordinators breakdown the things you shouldn't do as you're planning for your big day.

Mistake 1: not having a wedding planner. Many brides want to handle wedding planning on their own, but wedding professionals say that's a bad idea.

"Brides do not save money by not hiring a wedding planner," says Kristi, "They waste money if they do not. A professional and well-respected planner will have experience, relationships, creativity and the time to solve wedding traumas -- being over budget, poor time management, regretful vendor selections, unruly guests and logistical fiascos."

Don't wait to hire a planner either. Kristi says it's one of the first things couples should do after getting engaged. That way you'll be focused from the start, which can help ensure your wedding choices are good decisions.

Mistake 2: DIYing. From handcrafted invitations to personalized favors, these days many brides want to be hands-on designing their wedding. Still, wedding experts frown upon this idea.

"Many brides overcommit to DIY projects," says Tien. "Then, months before the wedding, they are already so stressed out because they are working on too many projects. Hire someone to take care of that work for you."

Mistake 3: not having a realistic budget. Every wedding needs a budget and couples need to make an honest projection of what they want and can afford.

"A wedding for 200 people will usually be more costly than a 50 person wedding," says Olivia Bawarski, co-owner of Dare to Dream Events. With more guests, you'll have to spend more on essentials like flowers, decor and food. "Make sure you have realistic expectations," notes Bawarski.

Another budget tip? Don't always look for the lowest pricing. "Make sure you look at quality, too," says Bawarski.

Mistake 4: inviting too many people. You may feel pressure to invite lots of people, including former classmates, childhood neighbors and parents' friends. However, try to keep your guest list moderate. Those extra guests will only mean extra expenses and additional stress.

"Cut the guest list," says Tien. "Aunt Sally's cousin does not need to be invited. Don't feel bad about the people you were not able to include. Instead focus on those who were invited, those closest to you."

Mistake 5: obsessing over your wedding. Yes the wedding day is exciting, but the real celebration is your marriage.

"Focus on what your 'happily forever after' looks like, keeping your relationship in a comfortable place and let the professionals worry about your wedding," says Kristi, who explains stressing about the wedding can be negative and make it "feel like a duty instead of a choice."

Take regular breaks from your wedding checklist so you and your partner can enjoy some quality time to relax.

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