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By Sharon Naylor

February 1, 2016 4 min read

There's a new and exciting focus in wedding decor: the ceiling. A myriad of online wedding forums, Pinterest pages, blogs and other wedding planning platforms feature ceiling decorations for ballrooms or tents. You might find lush, blooming floral designs so extravagant they seem like upside-down gardens. And billowy drapes add an ethereal feeling to your wedding.

Wedding planner and designer Kristin Rockhill, creator of the "Details of I Do" blog, attributes this new wedding design trend to a change in the desired look and feel of spaces, saying that "Couples are moving away from oversized ballrooms and looking for romantic, intimate settings that have a homespun feel with nature-infused decor and organic touches." According to Rockhill, "Ceiling decor is quickly replacing tall centerpieces. Now brides are opting for low, lush arrangements that allow for easy conversation and adding decorative touches to the ceiling instead to create depth and drama."

Utilizing the space above is a wonderfully fresh way to liven up a venue or transform a blank space like a tent or industrial loft. Rockhill suggests "having lush floral chandeliers, ceilings draped with greenery or unexpected unique lighting fixtures like crystal-draped wagon wheel chandeliers." Beyond these suggestions, here are some top trends in wedding ceiling decor:

--Create a ceiling garden using one type of flower, one flower hue or multiple coordinating flower types.

--Play on the 2016 just-picked wedding bouquet trend by creating a ceiling garden with an eclectic assortment of flowers.

--Use greenery of different styles and textures to create an all-green ceiling cover. This simple blanket look may be balanced with lavish table centerpieces featuring dramatic florals with pops of color and texture.

--Decorate only above the dance floor to create drama.

--Draw attention to your sweetheart table by hanging a flower arrangement above it.

--Using clear wire, create an effect of flowers "raining" from the ceiling.

--Hang indoor or outdoor crystals in a carefully lit space to add an extra sparkle.

--Drape lofty fabric swags from the ceiling center to the venue walls for a warm yet ornate look. Or fix sheer fabric in undulating wave patterns across the ceiling for a modern, trendy look.

--Dangle bistro light strings or lanterns to establish a homey and comfortable ambience.

--Extend floral or greenery garlands from the ceiling center to the outer walls.

--Design a projected light show to liven up any blank wall or ceiling: Project your names, wedding date or any custom pattern up above, rather than on the dance floor where this has been seen many times over. This can be a budget-friendly accent. Consider contacting a lighting company for assistance, especially to accommodate vaulted ceilings and balance out other lighting effects.

As you ponder these options, take a few things into consideration to avoid any wedding planning woes: Make sure to inquire about any rules or restrictions for altering your space. Discuss your ideas with the venue organizer or even obtain a rendering of your imagined decor from your florist or wedding planner. Additionally, you or your planner will need time to plan the setup and takedown of the decorations on the day. Lastly, leave enough time to concept a few different executions to, hopefully, find a budget-friendly design.

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