Pink And Mint Stealing The Show

By Sharon Naylor

December 9, 2013 6 min read

The candy colors of pink and mint will be a top duo for weddings in spring and summer of 2014, with pink a perennial favorite of brides and mint sticking around for another season of growing popularity. The soft shades of pink and mint evoke a sense of sweetness, and the two shades complement each other extremely well when used in any number of wedding designs and elements.

Top wedding blog "Style Me Pretty" recently announced the 10 wedding color palettes it loves most for this year, and cool mint with gray came in at No. 3, No. 4 being pink smartly added to mint for a dream color combination. Pink and mint are not an exclusive duo, after all; they do love to blend with cream, gray, and/or silver in this season's sweet color motifs, so do keep these additional shades in mind, as advised by the editors of another top wedding site called Wedding Chicks.

Here are some ways that pink and mint are showing up, softening and sweetening weddings in spring and summer of 2014:

--As invitation colors. Far from being too feminine, the pairing of mint and pink creates an expectation of a very colorful celebration. And it's also a trend to color-match personal wedding websites to the colors of the invitations; a great many brides and grooms are customizing their wedding websites in the pink and mint color motif. One design idea is to choose an all-mint background and place just a few pink, cream and gray flowers around each page's design.

--Create bouquets in pink and mint. The pink may be your primary shade, with tiny touches of mint and cream or white flowers throughout. In bouquets, it's always best to use one color for the majority of the design and the other colors as accents -- take your pick as to which shade, pink or mint, you'd like to star in your bouquet -- rather than have your bouquet look supermarket-bought with a 50-50 split of shades.

--Design an aisle runner in pink and mint. Again, one color gets to be the overall shade and the other color in a lighter or darker shade can be the accent hue for your personalization choices, whether it be your names, wedding date or simply a floral or patterned motif. Julie Goldman of The Original Runner Co. suggests then turning your aisle runner into a keepsake by framing the portion of it that bears your personalized message design. "And they lived happily ever after" as the framed portion of your aisle runner will surely become a treasured home decor item.

--Create escort or guest placecards. Alternate pink and mint cards for a prettier arrangement of those "where are we sitting?" cards that guests look through to find their names.

--Swag your setting. Fabrics draped in a dramatic fashion add a glam touch to your wedding venue, so create your colorful fabric drapings in pink and mint or save the fabric swag concept as "stage curtains" around your candy buffet.

-- Set your tables. Choose one color, pink or mint, as your tablecloth shade, and then add a table runner in the other shade along the center of your table to pair the two shades in perfect proportion.

--Create centerpieces. Pink and mint flowers, blending with other coordinating shades, will be cause for a renewed interest in which each guest gets to take home the centerpiece. And since a trend in rustic weddings is to set out bud vases in groupings on the table, display a variety of bud vase colors and alternate the color of the flower in each. A pink flower goes in the mint-colored mini vase and vice versa.

--Frost your cake. An all-pink cake dotted with tiny mint and cream frosting pearls couldn't be prettier, or choose a mint-shade cake accented by just a few pink floral sugar roses per tier.

--Create a photo booth backdrop. In wide pink and mint-colored stripes, a photo booth backdrop is a big design trend for weddings. Done well, with wide stripes instead of narrow ones, it doesn't create a welcome-to-the-circus look. It's purely wedding.

--Design your candy buffet. Jackie Sorkin, owner and candy bar creator of Hollywood Candy Girls, says to play with color in your candy buffet. While you could display pink and mint candies in all clear glass vases, why not put pink candies on a mint-colored tray, and mint candies on a pink tiered tray? Add in a color-matched tablecloth. Go with a pattern to make a smaller collection of candies look more dramatic or a solid-colored one to make a large collection of candies grab all the attention.

--Give out favors. Tulle baggies of pink and mint candies or frosted cookies are always a favorite of guests.

Do you love pink and mint, just not for your wedding color scheme? This is a top color scheme for bridal showers as well. And don't forget to look at pink and mint bridesmaid dress looks, pairing a pink dress with mint-colored jewelry or shoes for a sweet look that suits your wedding day design.

Sharon Naylor is the author of "The Bride's Guide to Freebies" and three dozen additional wedding books.

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