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Keep Moisture out of Walls To Avoid Rotting Jan. 16, 2020

Here's How

Dear James: I am in the planning stage for a new home. My previous stucco home had serious damage fo... Read More

10 Things That Should Never Go in the Dishwasher Dec. 26, 2019

Everyday Cheapskate

Without a doubt, my least favorite household chore is hand-washing dishes. That makes my dishwasher ... Read More

When to Use Dye or Stain to Finish Natural Wood Apr. 11, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: I am planning to build some natural wood cabinets for my living room. I am trying to det... Read More

Minimize Risk From Lead Paint When Remodeling Jan. 17, 2019

Here's How

Dear James: I am planning to remodel a 50-year-old house, but want to retain as much original charac... Read More

For Every Problem There's WD-40 Oct. 11, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

It's not new. The blue-and-yellow can is about as familiar as anything I remember from my childhood.... Read More

How to Clean Painted Wood Floors Sep. 19, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

A message in my inbox this week came from Joan. She asked, "What is the best way to clean a very gri... Read More


Aug. 29, 2014

Chuckle Bros

May. 19, 2014

First Steps Don't Cost Anything May. 04, 2014

House Calls

Dear Edith: I would like to chime in on the often-asked question about whether to remodel before put... Read More

Strange Brew

Mar. 25, 2014

Strange Brew

Mar. 13, 2014

Pink Nightstand Jan. 29, 2014

Small Spaces

This is an era of instant gratification. I'm learning from my designer buddies that they all have en... Read More

An Open-and-Shut Case for Safe Jewelry Dec. 02, 2013

Decor Score

Q: I've inherited my grandmother's jewelry, including several valuable necklaces and earrings. It se... Read More

Jack Kennedy, The Last Wooden-Floor President Nov. 18, 2013

Marc Dion

When President John F. Kennedy died, the wooden floors started to disappear. People still have wood... Read More