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Is Wallpaper Back? Oct. 11, 2017

Small Spaces

Wallpaper is one of those interior finishes that goes in and out of favor depending on the current t... Read More

Typical Kitchen Wallpapering Problems Dec. 08, 2016

Here's How

Dear James: We decided to install wallpaper in our kitchen. It installed easily and looked great, bu... Read More

Wallpaper Removal -- It's a Messy Job! Dec. 07, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

A letter I received in my inbox this week sent me into hypermemory mode. For a few minutes, I relive... Read More

Craft a Colorful Space for Your First Child Without Breaking the Bank Sep. 14, 2016

Small Spaces

First-time parents are superexcited, and who can blame them? Their understandable exuberance often m... Read More

To Wallpaper or Not May. 21, 2016

The Art of Design

Wallpaper is one of those touchy subjects in interior design — either you love it or hate it. ... Read More

Birdhouse Wallpaper in Nursery Feb. 24, 2016

Small Spaces

In these cost-conscious days, first-time parents may not be able to buy a larger house upon the birt... Read More

Deck the Walls With Natural Beauties May. 05, 2014

Decor Score

Q: I am interested in the wallpaper you wrote about a couple of weeks back. It didn't have an allove... Read More

Using Wallpaper Efficiently Apr. 16, 2014

Small Spaces

Wallpaper can be an efficient and effective way to spruce up a house without taking up any room. Wal... Read More

Kitchen Utensil Wallpaper Jan. 01, 2014

Small Spaces

So how does the new year look to you? Are you feeling upbeat yet? Many folks who are in the business... Read More

Pattern, Pattern Everywhere ... And Not a Jot to Shrink Dec. 23, 2013

Decor Score

Q: I love wallpaper! It's congenital: In the house where I grew up, my mother had a different wallpa... Read More

Gray Wallpaper Dec. 04, 2013

Small Spaces

An approaching New Year means innovations in home style and trends. It is fascinating to learn what ... Read More