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If Esports Champs Can Eat Veggies and Do Yoga, So Can You Apr. 30, 2019

Energy Express

Who put the "e" in sports? And how dare they? And why do they even call esports a sport? It bothers ... Read More

Gift-Giving Woes Dec. 05, 2018

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: As the holidays draw near, I like to be prepared and buy my gifts early. Every year, I g... Read More

Letting Son Hit Rock Bottom May. 19, 2018

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My 22-year-old son, "Nick," spends most of his time playing video games. He was fired fr... Read More

Approach the Digital Age With Facts, Not Fear: An Interview With Yalda T. Uhls Nov. 07, 2017

This Woman's Work

I work with Yalda T. Uhls on my kids show, "Dot." Yalda ensures that Sprout, The Jim Henson Co. and ... Read More

Knight Of The Living Dead Aug. 22, 2017

The Science Advice Goddess

When my husband comes home from a stressful day at work, he likes to play shoot-'em-up games on his... Read More

Kid Problems? They Need Good Jobs Jun. 20, 2017

Daily Editorials

Parents enduring a summer of bored, misbehaving or depressed adolescents should hear Sen. Ben Sasse ... Read More

Dad Addicted to Games and a Working Mom Jan. 20, 2017

The Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: My husband is a big kid. He is addicted to playing hockey games on the Xbox. Ever... Read More

Apocalypse by Pokemon, Square Watermelons and Awkward Newt Moments Jul. 18, 2016

Daily Editorials

Pokopalypse Now We're with O'Fallon, Mo., Police Sgt. Phil Hardin: "You really can't make this stuff... Read More

Parents, Not Gadgets, Should Teach Kids How to Eat Sep. 10, 2015

Froma Harrop

It had to be a joke, a parody, I thought while reading of a new electronic gadget claiming to entice... Read More

Video Game Addiction a Scary Problem Dec. 03, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: My two granddaughters are 10 and 12. Their school provides iPads for students, and they constantl... Read More

Nest Heads

Jul. 04, 2014

Sink Your Teeth into 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2' Feb. 28, 2014

Video Game Reviews

DEVELOPER: Mercury Steam PUBLISHER: Konami SYSTEM: Microsoft Xbox 360 (PS3) PRICE: $59.99 ESRB RATIN... Read More

Codgers Freaking Out Feb. 26, 2014

John Stossel

America's most popular cable news host is upset. "Marijuana use, video games and texting (are) creat... Read More

Zack Hill

Dec. 25, 2013

Scalia's Stupid Decision Jul. 04, 2011

Terence Jeffrey

Fourteen-year-old Tommy, on his way to baseball practice at a neighborhood park, detours by a local ... Read More

Court Wraps Video Games in First Amendment Jul. 03, 2011

Phyllis Schlafly

The U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong in Brown v. Entertainment Merchant Association. This wasn't a Fi... Read More

Video Violence vs. Free Speech Jun. 29, 2011

Suzanne Fields

Children can do terrible things. They can bully and maim, even murder. In our lifetime, we've seen y... Read More

Games Judges Don't Play Jun. 29, 2011

L. Brent Bozell

The video-game industry has won again in court, insisting on their right to make the most debased ga... Read More

Would James Madison Play Video Games? Jan. 19, 2011

Suzanne Fields

If we've learned one lesson from the massacre in Tucson, it's that cause and effect are poor guides ... Read More