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A Smorgasbord of Head-shakers May. 22, 2015

David Limbaugh

Other than about a billion things, I'm feeling pretty upbeat about the current state of our nation u... Read More

The True Black Tragedy May. 20, 2015

Walter E. Williams

Hustlers and people with little understanding want us to believe that today's black problems are the... Read More

The Clinton Record Unmasked Apr. 11, 2015

Mark Shields

About the time the Dodgers abandoned Brooklyn for Los Angeles, my savvy precinct captain drilled int... Read More

Ruinous 'Compassion' Mar. 17, 2015

Thomas Sowell

It is fascinating to see brilliant people belatedly discover the obvious — and to see an even ... Read More

Lower Benefits, Higher Jobs -- Paul Ryan Has It Right Aug. 09, 2014

Lawrence Kudlow

Co-written by Robert Sinche Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor of California, just... Read More

College for Everyone Is Not the Answer Jun. 06, 2014

Scott Rasmussen

A recent study estimated that getting a college degree is worth about a half-million dollars over th... Read More

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 29, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 28, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 27, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 26, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 25, 2014

The Meaning of Lila

Mar. 24, 2014

Obama, in His Sole Discretion Mar. 14, 2014

David Limbaugh

With each passing day, President Barack Obama, leftism personified, demonstrates that leftism is cha... Read More

The Meaning of Lila

Feb. 27, 2014

Unemployment Is Freedom Feb. 07, 2014

David Harsanyi

Obamacare will reduce American workforce participation by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs... Read More

Fact-Free Liberals: Part II Jan. 21, 2014

Thomas Sowell

Words seem to carry far more weight than facts among those liberals who argue as if rent control law... Read More

Blackie's Unemployment Runs Out Jan. 13, 2014

Marc Dion

Blackie's Unemployment Runs Out I'm one-wording my wife tonight. "Are you sure that's enough so... Read More

Income Inequality and Unemployment Benefits Jan. 11, 2014

Dear Mark

Dear Mark: In the last month, I've been hearing the term "income inequality" bandied about... Read More

Be for Work Jan. 10, 2014

Mona Charen

John F. Kennedy broke some sort of record for stating the obvious when he noted that "life isn'... Read More

Liberal Economic Mythology on Unemployment Benefits Jan. 10, 2014

David Limbaugh

How can we ever expect America's younger generations to preserve America's greatness when the presid... Read More