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Social Networks Shutting Out Conservatives Sep. 07, 2018

Adriana Cohen

Testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill this week, executives from... Read More

Social Media Censorship II Aug. 29, 2018

John Stossel

Are those who question the severity of global warming worse than Nazis? I wouldn't think so, but You... Read More

A Young Woman Dies, and Republicans See Only a Road to Victory Aug. 22, 2018

Connie Schultz

On the day she disappeared last month, Mollie Tibbetts had left her boyfriend's home in a small town... Read More

It Doesn't Matter What We Think of Omarosa Aug. 15, 2018

Connie Schultz

In June 2016, Omarosa Manigault Newman made this prediction about her boss, presidential candidate D... Read More

Fleeting Mistakes Live Forever Online Aug. 14, 2018

Daily Editorials

"I am forever grateful that I got to be young and stupid before virality was invented." So said Lydi... Read More

Social Media Giants Shouldn't Be Arbiters of Appropriate Speech Aug. 10, 2018

David Harsanyi

Of course, Facebook, YouTube and other media are free to ban conspiracy-mongers such as Alex Jones f... Read More

The New York Times Hires Left-Wing Bigot for Its Editorial Board Aug. 09, 2018

Larry Elder

The New York Times, for its editorial board, hired a 30-year-old tech writer named Sarah Jeong, an A... Read More

Trump's Media Attacks are Dangerous Aug. 07, 2018

Daily Editorials

Trump regularly misstates facts yet has the gall to claim that anyone critical of him is lying. Pres... Read More

The Pause Before the Storm Aug. 02, 2018

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

According to Aristotle, "We are what we repeatedly do." In today's rapid-paced reactionary world, it... Read More

War Between Trump, Media Leaving Vast Collateral Damage Aug. 02, 2018

Daily Editorials

Two of this nation's most powerful, influential and crucial institutions — the presidency and ... Read More

On North Korea and Iran, Trump is Deluding Himself Jul. 29, 2018

Steve Chapman

Take a tough Republican president, a Chinese government committed to help us and a North Korean gove... Read More

Rolling Stones and Throwing Stones: Shall I Compare Them on a Summer's Day? Jul. 25, 2018

Jamie Stiehm

Matchless Mick Jagger turns 75 as the July sun sets on midsummer. Fancy that, the lead singer of the... Read More

When Does the Shooting Begin? Jul. 13, 2018

Erick Erickson

Each time Republicans do something Democrats do not like, Democrats escalate their rhetoric. The rig... Read More

Silicon Valley Censors Jul. 11, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Social media giants like Twitter and Facebook that used to brag about promoting free speech now say ... Read More

Ask Stacy for 7/7/18 Jul. 07, 2018

Hollywood Exclusive

DEAR STACY: Who are the biggest Twitter users among celebrities? — L.M. DEAR L.M.: Hmm. If you... Read More

Do You Really Want America to Look Like Twitter? Jun. 29, 2018

David Harsanyi

It looks as if the next phase of our ginned-up national moral panic will feature the public shunning... Read More

Let's Not Confuse Civility With Surrender Jun. 27, 2018

Connie Schultz

Before I sat down to write this column about what it means to be civil in today's political climate,... Read More

The Left's Most Dangerous Game Jun. 22, 2018

Erick Erickson

Debra Strop owns Uncle Loui's Cafe in Duluth, MN. Last week, a television news crew reached out to s... Read More

How Opponents Feed Trump Media Machine Jun. 21, 2018

Froma Harrop

The time has come for Donald Trump's critics to take a much-deserved vacation from all things Donald... Read More

How Obama Helped Trump and Became Tragically Hip Jun. 06, 2018

Jamie Stiehm

Barack Obama and San Francisco are made for each other: enchanting at first, but not as cool as they... Read More