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Hillary Accepted Dirt From Ukraine to Beat Trump Jun. 18, 2019

Dick Morris

Give me a break from all the Democratic congressional posturing over President Donald Trump's hypoth... Read More

Oklahoma Lawsuit Offers Hope for Justice and Change in the Opioid Epidemic May. 31, 2019

Daily Editorials

The nation's first opioids trial against a drug manufacturer opened this week in Oklahoma, offering ... Read More

A Battle for the Soul of the Navy SEALs May. 06, 2019

Daily Editorials

A battle for the soul of the Navy SEALs is taking place as the elite fighting force struggles to det... Read More

Why the ISIS Bride Should Be Allowed to Return Feb. 24, 2019

Steve Chapman

Few suspected criminals volunteer to be considered for placement in a maximum security prison. But t... Read More

You No Longer Have the Right to a Trial by Jury Jan. 25, 2019

Ted Rall

I was wronged. All I wanted was a trial by jury. Is this still America? No. America is dead. Apparen... Read More

Imperial Me Aug. 24, 2018

Mona Charen

An avid fan of President Trump, she carried a red Make America Great Again hat in the backseat of he... Read More

Do Democrats Want an Impeachment Fight? Aug. 24, 2018

Patrick Buchanan

"If anyone is looking for a good lawyer," said President Donald Trump ruefully, "I would strongly su... Read More

Trump, Manafort and the Company They Keep Aug. 19, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — Rick Gates is to political consultant Paul Manafort what Omarosa Manigault Newman... Read More

Manafort Trial Highlights Trump's Bad Choices Aug. 12, 2018

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — In June, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis slammed the position of special counsel a... Read More

Why Manafort Trial Is Helping Trump Aug. 03, 2018

Dick Morris

In Rasmussen's polling — the only daily tracking survey of President Donald Trump's ratings an... Read More

Can Immigrants Be Deported Without a Trial? Jun. 28, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Last weekend, President Donald Trump argued that those foreigners who enter the United States unlawf... Read More

Feinstein in 1999: Bill Clinton 'Gave False or Misleading Testimony' Oct. 12, 2016

Terence Jeffrey

Seventeen years ago, as a Republican-controlled Senate concluded its impeachment trial of President ... Read More

Snitch vs. Snitches Jan. 06, 2016

Debra J. Saunders

"They went to the toilet and they scraped the bowl," defense attorney Tony Serra railed during his c... Read More

Hillary Says Relatives of Benghazi Heroes Are Liars Dec. 16, 2015

L. Brent Bozell

Our news media are so overwhelmingly obsequious to the Democrats that Hillary Clinton can imply the ... Read More

No, Hillary Didn't Care About Chris Stevens Oct. 28, 2015

Ben Shapiro

Last week, the media hailed Hillary Clinton's supposed political triumph at a hearing of the House S... Read More

Hillary's 'Victory Lap' of Lies Oct. 28, 2015

L. Brent Bozell

To hear the media tell it, Hillary Clinton came to Capitol Hill as a bullfighter and easily killed t... Read More

Ruthless Trials Show Iran Can't Be Trusted May. 28, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

"We have police. They arrest girls or women for having bad hijab or not being covered enough. But it... Read More

Sleaze in a $5,000 Suit Feb. 14, 2015

Mark Shields

When he was secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was often — and deliberately — seen in t... Read More

Life After a Tabloid Scandal Dec. 07, 2013

Diane Dimond

I went to a wedding this past weekend, and while you may not immediately recognize the name of the g... Read More

Recipe for Disaster Mar. 19, 2013

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Imagine you are a 16-year-old girl, waking up in another person's house, unclothed and unable to fin... Read More