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As the CBD Craze Grows, Doctors and FDA Say There's Good Reason for Caution Dec. 09, 2019

Daily Editorials

When Dr. Jennifer Griffith, a Washington University pediatric neurologist, drives down the street ea... Read More

Legalized Marijuana Industry Sees Cause for Concern With Cannabis Vaping Products Nov. 06, 2019

Daily Editorials

A medical marijuana trade association is calling for Missouri to strictly regulate vaping additives ... Read More

High Potency of Legal Marijuana Creating Health Concerns Apr. 05, 2019

C Force

In a bit of encouraging news, recent combined data from the Tobacco Products and Risk Perceptions Su... Read More

Big Increase in Traffic Deaths Due to Pot Legalization Jan. 15, 2019

Dick Morris

The recent legalization of recreational pot has led to tragic consequences on the highways. Studies ... Read More

Under the Weather? How You Can Weather the Storm Nov. 27, 2018

Energy Express

Sickness happens. It's part of life, the not-fun part. Even though you're a ferocious warrior for yo... Read More

Refer Badness Jul. 15, 2015


Even as more people find it possible to buy edible medical marijuana products for what ails them, a ... Read More